Community Advocacy Boards

What They Do

Community Advocacy Boards (CABs) are groups of students who represent their respective Residence Halls through Programming and Advocacy initiatives. They serve as the representative voice of their hall and work collectively to lead positive change, amplify student voices, and share resources!


Together, they develop and lead programs, like potlucks and movies nights, and advocate for change within their community, such as lobbying for increased accessibility to residence hall spaces. CAB members are individuals who actively contribute to making the Residence Halls a home for students to have fun, learn new things, and grow as individuals!


This fall, each residence hall will vote to elect their CAB, consisting of:

President (1); Vice President of Advocacy (2); Vice President of Communications and Marketing (1); Vice President of Finance (1)

To get involved or run for your CAB, complete our INTEREST FORM or contact your Residence Hall Coordinator Today! You can reach RSA’s executive board directly at

President Responsibilities:

    • Create agenda and lead CAB meetings
    • Complete semesterly one-on-one check-ins with Board members
    • Provide motivation and guidance to all Board members
    • Ensure that the guiding documents are upheld, oversee revisions, and communicate changes to RSA
    • Develop recruitment strategies to fill vacancies that arise throughout the year
    • Attend all CAB meetings
    • Attend all RSA General Assembly Meetings 
    • Meet bi-weekly with Advisor

VP of Advocacy Responsibilities:

    • Fulfill the duties of the President in their absence
    • Gather input from residents in their communities to share with RL&H and  campus partners 
    • Communicate and work through any building level concerns with the board
    • Create an implementation plan for advocacy projects 
    • Maintain open communication with the RSA Director of Advocacy
    • Work with fellow members to submit and present Advocacy Grants to RSA
    • Attend all CAB meetings
    • Attend bi-weekly RSA Advocacy Committee Meetings
    • Meet with Advisor regularly to discuss fulfillment of responsibilities
    • Collaborate with VP of Operations to communicate advocacy initiatives, progress, and updates  to members of the community

VP of Communications and Marketing Responsibilities:

    • Create marketing campaigns to promote advocacy initiatives
    • Take minutes for all CAB meetings
    • Draft newsletter content for bi-weekly community newsletters
    • Coordinate reservations of any needed spaces
    • Attend all CAB meetings
    • Attend all RSA General Assembly Meetings

VP of Finance Responsibilities:

    • Coordinate and track all CAB related spending 
    • Attend Finance Trainings and audit meetings
    • Collaborate with other members to prepare grant proposals
    • Meet as needed with Advisor to manage budget
    • Attend all CAB meetings
    • Attend all RSA General Assembly Meetings

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