Advocacy is one of RSA’s two values. Advocacy has to do with listening to the voices of others and building a collaborative community that reflects upon its values and translates them into positive change. RSA and its Campus Development Committee are hard at work to influence change on campus that benefits all students at the University of Delaware. 

Student Advocacy GrantJoin the Campus Development Committee

Student Advocacy Grants

To help YOU make a positive change in your community, we offer Student Advocacy Grant! The grant is a way to receive funding and support from the RSA in order to help you make the residence halls a home! We encourage you to talk to your residents, develop a proposal and submit the application!

All applications requesting less than $300 will be reviewed within a week by the RSA’s Executive Board.

For a request over $300, you will be invited to present your proposal to our General Assembly which will vote to approve your funding request.

To submit a grant application, click the Student Advocacy Grant button in the header above or apply using the form on the right.

What We’ve Accomplished

Dining Services Reforms

In Spring 2019, the Campus Development Committee led a surveying initiative to better understand student opinion of Dining Services at UD. The survey collected feedback from over 500 students and the Committee produced a full report linked here.

The Committee worked with Aramark to share this feedback and implement new changes to Dining Services, including: takeout at Caesar Rodney Dining Hall, new meal plans, stations for students w/dietary restrictions, and a meal exchange program.

Residence Hall Accessibility

In Spring 2019, a team of three Campus Development Committee members  worked with Residence Life & Housing to enable access across inter-connected residence halls on campus, such as Sussex & Squire, Cannon & New Castle, Harter & Sharp, and Brown & Sypherd.

This project improves mobility and ease of access for affected students, in addition to promoting community building.

Residence Hall Recycling Program

RSA’s Advocacy Committee and Custodial services have teamed up to run a pilot recycling program in North Central’s community lounges. Residence hall lounges typically don’t have recycling bins, so this new program is a step in the right direction to improve sustainability in University residence halls.

If successful, RSA’s Campus Development Committee is looking to bring this initiative to residence halls campus-wide!

Whiteboards & Lounge Supplies

RSA approved a Student Advocacy Grant for new whiteboards in community lounges. This project is currently under development through a collaboration with Facilities Services.

The grant was approved for whiteboard supplies, including: markers, erasers, cleaners for every floor lounge in the building. This project will go a long way to improve the functionality to community lounges in Redding Hall.

Join our Campus Development Committee!

All students at UD, whether on-campus, off-campus, or back home have the opportunity to serve as a member of our CDC!

This year, the Committee will be focused on:

  1. Advocating for enhanced physical & mental health resources
  2. Multicultural awareness
  3. Improved residence hall infrastructure
  4. Voter registration
  5. Successful return to on-campus living & learning in Spring 2021.

CDC members will attend bi-weekly meetings with RSA’s Director of Advocacy & Director of Programming! Go to to signup!