A Guide to Resources Across Campus

Virtual Learning

Affordable Internet Access:

Help Manage Your Coursework:

Zoom Video Conferencing


UDIT Services

Residence Life and Housing Resources

Student Centers Resources

    • Phone Number: 302-831-2633
    • Email
    • Forms
      • Reserve academic spaces!
      • Reserve the Green!
      • Apply for an RSO office, storage space, or locker!
      • File an incident report
      • Register an RSO event!
      • Contract a vendor!
      • Apply to become an RSO!
      • Group trip/motor pool applications!
    • Website
    • Student Central

Center for Counseling and Student Development

    • Main location: Perkins Student Center
    • Phone number: 302-831-2142
    • Short-term therapy format services
      • Individual counseling
      • Group counseling
      • Participation in workshops
      • Medical evaluation with a psychiatrist
      • A referral to off-campus services (depends on the student)
    • Appointments must be made over the phone
    • Website: https://sites.udel.edu/counseling/

Student Health Services

    • Located in Laurel Hall (end of South Green)
    • Phone number: 302-831-2226
    • Have walk-in appointments and call ahead appointments
    • Offer most immunizations, including ones for overseas travel (an additional fee applies for this services)
    • Website: http://www1.udel.edu/studenthealth/about-shs/faq.html

Sexual Offense Support (SOS)

    • Phone Number: 302-831-3457
    • Provides support for victims of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, and stalking
    • Provides support for survivors’ friends, roommates, significant others, family members, and colleagues with UD staff providing assistance
    • Resources available for support
      • 24-hour crisis/support
      • Ongoing advocacy, crisis counseling, and support groups
      • Educational programming
    • For more information: http://sites.udel.edu/sos/985-2/

Office 365 for Students

Women's Health Resources

    • Located in Student Health Center in Laurel Hall
    • Phone Number: 302-831-8035
    • Services Offered
      • Routine Gynecological Annual Exam
      • Emergency Contraception
      • HPV Vaccine
      • Pregnancy Testing and Counseling
      • STD Screening and Counseling
    • Website: https://sites.udel.edu/studenthealth/women/

Morris Library Resources

    • Located on the South Side of the Green in between Memorial Hall and fountain
    • Phone Number: 302-831-2965
    • Open Monday to Thursday from 8:00am to 2:00am, Saturdays from 9:00am to 10:00pm, and Sundays from 11:00am-2:00am
      • Open 24/7 during Finals Week
    • Reserve a Group Study Space Here: http://udel.libcal.com/booking/groupstudy
    • Website: https://library.udel.edu/
    • Databases: https://library.udel.edu/databases/
    • FAQs: http://ask.lib.udel.edu/FAQs/index

Morris Library’s Student Multimedia Design Center

University of Delaware Writing Centers

    • Two locations
      • 016 Memorial Hall
      • 017 Morris Library
    • Phone Number 302-831-1168
    • Free writing tutorials for undergraduate and graduate students
    • Communications tutorials for students preparing speeches or oral presentations
    • Ongoing workshop series available
    • Appointments should be made online (if there are any issues, please call)
    • Website: https://www.writingcenter.udel.edu/about/faq


    • Website: https://library.udel.edu/databases/refworks/ (click on the ProQuest Edition)
    • RefWorks: Free referencing program that the library offers to UD students
    • Saves all information regarding a reference, so that it can be used again in the future
    • Easily allows the formatting of any reference to be changed to a different style (ex: APA to MLA, Chicago to APA)

Language Proficiency Center

    • Located in 006 Jastak-Burgess Hall (all language), 007 Jastak-Burgess Hall (French)
    • Must make an appointment: http://www1.udel.edu/fllt/flwc/appointments.html
      • A session for about 25 minutes based on an upcoming assignment
      • Must bring a sample of your work and textbook
    • Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for only 50 cents per 10 oz. cup
    • Online testing (canvas-based), international language support (spell checking, simplified diacritic generation, and Asian character generation)
    • Rosetta Stone on Computers (006 Jastak-Burgess Hall): http://www1.udel.edu/fllt/LRC/computers.html

Streaming Services

    • University of Delaware students have access to Kanopy and XFINITY through their UD accounts
    • Kanopy – steam classic movies, documentaries, and award-winning films
    • XFINITY On Campus – watch live TV on UD wi-fi, record programs, and access on demand shows

Perkins Live

    • Different featured event/act every Friday beginning at 9:30pm
    • Free for all UD Students
    • Free food, giveaways, game shows, and main act
    • Website: https://studentcentral.udel.edu/organization/perkinslive