This is not a MOOC, but…

This course will primarily serve a University of Delaware clientele, but if you’re interested in following along and interacting with the students, you’re more than welcome to do so. Since most of the work will be done on social media and on blogs, you won’t be left behind. I’m also planning on streaming each class (7 times during the semester, on Monday nights), and probably enabling Google hangouts to make sure we can all interact, whether we’re remote or face-to-face.

See the syllabus for more details on the course.

Let me know if you’re up for the challenge!

Mathieu Plourde –

P.S.: If you simply want to share a story related to the course, I’d like to collect it too!

4 thoughts on “This is not a MOOC, but…

  1. Sam Johnson

    Sure, whats one more “social media” outlet to consume my time. Although I must leave a warning that this is the start of school for our school district and I am the IT dept for the high school. (1200 students/85 teachers/15 administrators & staff) ; )

    1. Mathieu

      Sam, if you see social media as a black hole sucking in your spare time, we should explore how to not let that happen. This class is as much about embracing social media as it is about avoiding its pitfall, so, hopefully, we’ll find a middle ground.

  2. Tammi

    Okay so social media is fairly unexplored territory for me. I have a facebook page that I post pictures to, but that’s about it. But, I know that I am in the minority, so I am really hoping that this course will enlighten me to the possibilities. Stupid question: what does MOOC stand for?


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