EDUC439/639 Syllabus


This is the course syllabus. All students are invited to comment on it before September 10, when it will be frozen for the semester.

Overview video

Course at a glance

This class will focus first on personal information management practices, and will then expand to include connecting with the right people online, collaborating, and how to use social media and web 2.0 in educational settings. Even if you don’t currently teach, you’ll be able to use the skills developed during the course to become a lifelong learner, and you’ll be in a better position to convince colleagues and stakeholders of the value of social media and web 2.0 for teaching and learning in your unit.

Class format

This class will meet face-to-face only 7 times during the semester. It is considered an hybrid class, also referred to as a blended learning experience. Students are therefore expected to follow the pace of the course to make sure all discussions and activities are valuable to the entire class, whether we meet face-to-face, synchronously online, of if our interactions are entirely asynchronous, such as in blog comments or discussion forums.

We will be using a Canvas site as our course gateway, but we will use it very minimally. In fact, I will require students to have a valid reason to use a private space for discussions, since there is little value in working in a walled garden, especially for a course of this nature. We will address this point in more details later this semester.

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