Week 2 – Your first digital footprints


  • Online: All the activities for this week are located on the web.
  • Asynchronous: There is no component for this week that requires to connect in real time with colleagues or the instructor.


During this week, your focus will be on creating a simple landing page to introduce yourself to your colleagues. This page will serve as a cornerstone to your future social media presence. You will also join the different services used during the semester.


At the end of this module, you will have a personal landing page. You will also have understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this course, as well as its toolkit.

Action items

1. Review the social presence page and provide your accounts to the instructor by filling in this form. The following video provides a overview of the spaces used during the semester.

2. Create a personal landing page on http://about.me. The page should include your name, profession (or future profession), a short description of who you are and what you do, keywords, and links to social media profiles you already have (and that you want to showcase).
3. Set up a free blog on WordPress.com (instructions). If you already have a blog space you want to use for this class, it could work too, but having the WordPress pingback feature will be useful throughout the semester, so I suggest you create a new space specifically for this class. You don’t have to brand your site for now, simply choose a name and URL that is relevant to who you are or who you want to be online. Mine is mathplourde.wordpress.com, for instance, because I use “mathplourde” as my nickname or handle on most social media services. The free version is enough.

4. Write down and publish your first post including the following sections:

  • A link to your about.me page.
  • Your expectations for this course.
  • Your personal FERPA statement. Feel free to use and modify this template.
The sooner you publish your post, the better it will be for you to start establishing connections with your colleagues. I suggest this section to be done by Wednesday night, to allow time for item 4 below.

5. Submit the URL of your blog post to the assignment titled Week 2: Blog post on Canvas. The submission is due by 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 6, EDT, and will be graded as a part of the weekly projects.

6. Check the course’s class feed for other posts by colleagues, and comment on their expectations (offer encouragement, advice, pointers, etc.). This is an ice-breaking exercise, so no need to be too formal or academic. You should at least read and comment on two or three posts, but you’re welcome to visit as many as you want.

More to explore

Check our Diigo group and look for the week02 tag (there might not be anything tagged yet).