December 3 class meeting


Goodbye, #udsnf12

Hey, anyone noticed this is our last class meeting, like, ever?

We’ll have plenty of VIPs coming in and out of the Hangout, so if you could come to class, that would be awesome.

If the Hangout is full, see the G+ live stream or the UD Capture live stream. Please use this Google Doc as a backchannel for questions and comments.

It’s not quite over yet. We still have a bunch of presentation on deck, and I’d like to keep them shorter to be able to get them all in in our class time.¬†Here is a tentative schedule of final projects. (We might have to extend until 9 p.m. to make sure we close all the open loops.)

[5:30 p.m.] Intro and class roles. (Archivists’ document here)

[5:40] Bill

[6:00] Mu and Ethan

[6:20] Janice and Esley

[6:40] Sam

[7:00] Kaitlin

[7:20] Mac

[7:40] Michael D. and Alex

[7:40] Kristin

[8:00] Closing ceremonies

Please share the URL of your project as a comment to this post if you haven’t done so yet.

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