If you are interested in visiting our facility, please feel free to reach out to us (cmquinn@udel.edu, bais@udel.edu)! School groups can also contact Professor Lauren Genova (lgenova@udel.edu) for a more extensive visit to our Department!

Charter School of Wilmington- November 30, 2023

On Thursday November 30, Mr. Darone and 54 chemistry students from Charter School of Wilmington visited UD, including our NMR Center- a fun day for everyone! Thank you Mr. Darone for sharing some pictures with us!

MOT Charter- October 31, 2023

We were thrilled to show our facility to Dr. Scali and 58 of his chemistry students from MOT Charter on Tuesday October 31! The students learned how chemists use NMR and how and why we recover helium from our magnets!

William Penn High School- October 11, 2023

On October 11, UD Chemistry and Biochemistry Alum Mr. Jensen brought his AP Chemistry class from William Penn High School for a fun day in our department, including a tour of the NMR Facility! A huge thank you to UD Professor Lauren Genova for organizing these events!