The NMR Laboratory

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


User’s Guide to Register for an iLab Account and Request NMR Training (Level 1)

  1. To apply for a user account for the automated instruments, Neo 400, AVIII 600, Neo 600, and Neo 400 (STAR Campus) NMR spectrometers, you must be an undergraduate student, graduate student, post-doc, or faculty member of the University of Delaware.  As a graduate student or post-doc, you may use the Neo 400 (045 BRL), Neo 400 (STAR Campus), AVIII 600 (049 BRL), and Neo 600 (049 BRL) NMR spectrometers. As an undergraduate student, a verification email from your research advisor must be received before the access to the AVIII 600 and Neo 600 NMRs is granted.
  2. Go to:, register for your own iLab account using your UDEL credentials. You will be directed to an iLab Account Registration page – select your PI/Lab, and verify your contact information. 
  3. Once your registration has been submitted, your advisor will receive a notification that you have requested membership to his or her lab in iLab. Your advisor or the department business administrator will need to approve your membership and assign the funding code for your use of the NMR Core.
  4. After your advisor’s approval,  you can now login to your iLab account.  Find NMR Core first, and then click on Request Services Tab.
  5. In the row of “Training Request for AV400 and AVIII600 (automation)”, click on “initiate request” button
  6. Fill out your name and your research group, click Proceed to the next page. Fill out all information with the best of your knowledge.  Click on “submit request to researcher” button located at the bottom right of the page.
  7. Once a group of 2 to 3 trainees is formed, you will be contacted with a training schedule.
  8. You will meet with an NMR staff member in the NMR laboratory (045 BRL) for a training session (level 1).
  9. Laboratory safety, NMR sample handling, NMR experiment selection, NMR job submission, and NMR data processing will be discussed during the training session.
  10. Your username and password will be distributed to you during training session. 

User’s Guide to the NMR Training (Level 1) and Instruction for Data Transfer and Acquisition of NMR Processing Software

  1. Upon the completion of training course (level 1), you will be granted with an access to the NMR lab (45BRL and 049BRL) through your UD student/employee ID card.
  2. Your login information can be found in iLab associated with your Services Request
  3. You are responsible for your user account information. You and only you are allowed to use your account to analyze NMR sample.  Your user privileges will be revoked if your account is found being used by others.
  4. It is your obligation to remove the NMR sample tube(s) from the auto-sampler within 24 hours after you receive the automatic notification email from the spectrometer computer. Otherwise, your NMR sample will be removed from the sample carousel without further notice.  The NMR Facility is not responsible for any lost or damaged sample.
  5. Your NMR data acquired on the automated spectrometers are automatically transferred and backed up to the NMR server upon completion of data acquisition. You can then access to your NMR data using a networking and SFTP tool using your user name and password.  The networking and SFTP software can be downloaded from the University software deployment website: The name of NMR data server is with an IP address of 
  6. For offline NMR software, you may go to: and download MNova NMR software (version 14.1.1). Then go to: to obtain a MNova License File.