We offer fee-based NMR sample service for corporate users for access to solution NMR spectrometers as well as certain solid state NMR spectrometers when excess instrument time is available. In addition to routine NMR analysis, we also provides sophisticated techniques and expertise for structure elucidation. Since our priority is to serve the University faculty, students, and researchers, we do not guarantee a turn-around time for external users.  The service rates are set higher than a typical commercial rate so we do not compete with any commercial service providers. The charge rate subject to change according to the service priority.  UD NMR staff reserves a right to determine instrument time that is required for the sample analysis. Please contact us (Dr Bai for solution NMR service and Dr. Quinn for solid-state NMR service) to obtain a document on the terms and rates of our services.

Once agreed upon our service terms and rates, you must first create an iLab account on the behalf of your company. All sample service requests are submitted via iLab. The detailed instructions are given below:

Setting up an iLab Account

  1. Go to https://udel.ilabsolutions.com/account/login
  2. In the upper right corner, you will see a “Register” button. Click or hover your mouse over the Register button, then select the right option “Register for an iLab account.”
  3. Provide your Personal Information and Group Associations
  4. Under billing information, you may provide a PO you wish to use for service. If you wish to pay by credit card, simply put the words “credit card” in this field.

Requesting Sample Service Through iLab

  1. Log into your iLab account. To connect directly to the NMR Center follow this link: https://udel.ilabsolutions.com/service_center/show_external/4622. Otherwise once you are logged into your iLab account, click the menu button in the upper left corner, click on “Core Facilities” and then select the NMR Core from the table.
  2. From the NMR Core Facility home page, click on the “Request Services” tab.
  3. Under “Service Projects and Quote Requests” there is a “Sample Service Request” form. Hit the “initiate request” button, and provide the details of your requested service. Please feel free to email Dr. Bai and/or Dr. Quinn to discuss the details of your sample or required experiments.
  4. When finished, click the “submit request to researcher” button at the bottom right of the form.
  5. The form will be submitted to the NMR Core staff who will approve the service and provide an estimated cost based on the service(s) requested. You will receive an email from iLab stating “Service Center in Agreement” giving you a total projected cost. Be sure to check your junk mail if you do not receive this email.
  6. Follow the link in the email to approve the projected cost provided by the NMR Center staff.
  7. No sample service will be provided until the projected cost has been approved.