Who can access the University of Delaware NMR Facility?

Our Facility is open to undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, visiting scientists, and faculty from across all Colleges and Departments of the University of Delaware. Users must create an iLab account and complete Level 1 training to gain access to our Facility.

We welcome sample submission from industrial users for a fee when instrument time is available. Students and faculty from other Universities receive discounted rates. Please note that we do not allow external users to operate the NMR spectrometers. External users will also need to create an iLab account. Contact Dr. Bai or Dr. Quinn for more information.

How do I create an iLab account?

Follow the instructions on the respective “Access” pages to create an account, depending if you are a University of Delaware user or external user:

How do I request training or sample service?

University of Delaware users should follow the instructions on our Access for University of Delaware Users page for details on requesting training through iLab.

External users should follow instructions on Access for External Academic Users or Access for Corporate Users for details on how to submit sample service requests. Please feel free to also contact Steve and Cait via email to discuss your experiments.

How can I run my own experiments on the manual NMR spectrometers?

See Our Training Program for details on Level 2 training for use of the manual AVIII400 solution NMR spectrometer, and Level 3 training for use of the solid state NMR spectrometers.

How do I reserve instrument time?

The Neo400, Neo400 (Star campus), AVIII600, and Neo600 are primarily operated as walk-up instruments that accept sample submission 24/7 without reservations. The queue is based on the principle of first come first serve. If you require long term experiments on one of these instruments (i.e. not available through your Icon-NMR account), please make arrangements with Dr. Bai (bais@udel.edu).

To reserve instrument time on the manual AVIII400, follow these step-by-step instructions in iLab. Users are allowed to reserve up to 1 hour of instrument time. For longer blocks of time, please contact Dr. Bai or Dr. Quinn (bais@udel.edu, cmquinn@udel.edu).

To reserve instrument time or simply submit samples for any of the solid state instruments, email Dr. Quinn (cmquinn@udel.edu) with the following information: (1) desired experiment(s), (2) number of samples, (3) instrument and probe requested (if known), (4) approximate length of time needed (if known). Solid state instrument time is allocated on a rolling basis. Every effort will be made to schedule instrument time as quickly as possible. However the wait time for certain instruments can be long due to very high demand.

I have just a few samples for solid state NMR analysis. Do I need to complete 3 levels of training?

No! We are happy to acquire data for users who do not anticipate they will have significant need for solid state NMR. Only the AVIIIS 600 MHz and AVIII 500 MHz are available for sample service for untrained users. Please note that in general, we do request users provide their own rotors for solid state NMR service. Contact Dr. Quinn (cmquinn@udel.edu) with any questions!

How are instrument rates determined?

For internal users, rates are set by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry business office and approved by the University Business and Research Offices. The rates are determined based on the annual operating cost and hours of usage for each instrument. Operational costs includes factors such as cryogens (liquid helium and nitrogen), equipment repairs and maintenance costs, and software subscriptions. External service rates are set higher than typical commercial rates so we do not compete with any commercial service providers. External academic users receive a discount on these rates.