This 600 MHz spectrometer is equipped with several probes for solid state and HR-MAS applications and is used primarily for the study of polymers and materials by MAS NMR:

  • 3.2 mm H(F)X probe (15N-31P) for a wide range of organic and inorganic systems, common nuclei include 13C, 15N, 27Al, 29Si, and 19F
  • 3.2 mm E-free HCN probe for studies of high-salt 13C, 15N isotopically enriched biomolecules
  • Specialized 3.2mm probes for applications of 2H and 77Se NMR
  • 4mm HX HR-MAS probe for hydrogel and tissue like samples

Training and Access

Users must complete all three levels of training to obtain unsupervised access to this instrument. We are happy to acquire data for users who do not anticipate they will have significant need for solid state NMR. Please note that in general, we do request users provide solid state rotors for service.

To reserve instrument time or submit samples for analysis, email Dr. Quinn with the following information: (1) desired experiment(s), (2) number of samples, (3) instrument and probe requested (if known), (4) approximate length of time needed (if known).

Solid state instrument time is allocated on a rolling basis. Every effort will be made to schedule instrument time as quickly as possible.

Funding Information

  1. University of Delaware faculty startup funding to Sharon Rozovsky 2008