Historical Context

The 19th Century



1821 The War of Independence ends and Mexico declares its independence on September 27th
1829 Mexico abolishes slavery– 36 years before the US
1835 The Texas Revolution begins
1836 Texas declares independence from Mexico as the Republic of Texas
1846 The Mexican-American war begins
1847 The American Army occupies Mexico City
1848 The Mexican-American War ends with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The U.S. gains territory including California, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

The 20th Century


1910 The Mexican Revolution
1917 The Mexican Constitution is adopted
1930 Mexico experiences long period of economic growth
1942 Mexico joins the Allies in World War II declaring war on Germany and Japan.
1942 The Bracero program calls on Mexicans for US labor shortage
1947 Rio Treaty codifies the “hemispheric defense doctrine”
1954 Operation “wetback” deports over 50,000
1968 Summer Olympics/The Tlatelolco Massacre
1969 The War on Drugs begins
1982 Mexican economic crisis, migrants cross border seeking work
1985 A huge 8.1 level earthquake hits Mexico City. Much of the city is destroyed and over 10,000 people are killed.
1993 The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and the United States is ratified.
1994 Value of Mexican peso plunges in international markets
1994 Criminalization of the Border
1998 Collaboration on Counternarcotics

The 21st Century


2004 Expansion of US border patrol
2006 Felipe Calderon Wins Election and G.W. Bush signs legislation for 7 hundred miles of fencing at border
2006 Drug-related killings peak
2007 Mexican immigration peaks in US
2010 Arizona Immigration Law requires officers to inquire about immigration status
2016 Donald Trump campaigns on “Build the Wall”


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Zoe James-Collins ’19

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