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Author Francisco Goldman:


“Yuri Herrera is Mexico’s greatest novelist. His spare, poetic narratives and incomparable prose read like epics compacted into a single, perfect punch– they ring your bell, your being, your soul. Signs Preceding the End of the World delivers a darkly mythological vision of the US by the “nor us” that is harrowing and fierce.”

Publishers Weekly:


“It’s the imagery, by turns moving and nightmarish, that makes this brief book memorable… this is a haunting book that delivers a strange, arresting experience.”

P.T. Smith, Bookslut:


“Signs is a novel of language meant to be translated because it is so aware if the journeys language takes, from one to another, and within their boundaries.”


London Review Bookshop:


“A dazzling little thing, containing so much more than the width of its spine should allow. I am in awe-filled love with its heroine: Makina is a vibrantly real presence in a shadowy world of constant threat, her voice perfectly rendered, her unflappable poise tested but never broke.”

Posman Books:


“Herrera gives us what all great literature should– poetic empathy for dire situations in a life more complex and dynamic than we imagined. He gives us what all authors should– access to this world. I always want more.”



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Zoe James-Collins ’19

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