The Mango Bride


This novel depicts the intertwining lives of two beautiful young women who were raised in opposite social backgrounds. Their class distinctions keep them apart their entire lives until tragedy and possibly fate, bring them together. This novel is full of secrets, betrayals,  and above all else, family. The book follows Amparo Guerrero and Beverly Obejas, as they both struggle under the oppression they face in Manila. Although they both travel separately to Oakland, California for completely different reasons, the two end up connected in an unexpected way.  Amparo begins a career as a Tagalog interpreter who aides Filipina/o individuals in crisis, most commonly women experiencing Domestic Violence (DV). From there she slowly but surely begins to re-build her life. Beverly relies on a Mail Order Bride service to take her away from her life of demanding work and sadness. In her attempt to find the better life she had always hoped for, she changes herself to be the perfect bride. What that truly means is much darker than Beverly could ever imagine.


Veronika Lynch ’19

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