Exit West was written by Mohsin Hamid. It follows an unlikely couple, Saeed and Nadia, as they flee their war-torn hometown, which a violent nationalist group has recently occupied. They travel through infamous transporting doors that are direct pathways to, hopefully, safer lands. However, upon arrival, they realize that the “natives” perceive newcomers as threats to their safety. Saeed and Nadia embark on this journey together yet adapt differently to the complexities of refugee life. They migrate to Greece, London, and the United States before deciding where to settle down on a planet that’s continually evolving. This bestselling novel challenges contemporary ideas about who has the right—to move, to escape, and ultimately, to live.

“Mohsin Hamid’s striking, lyrical new novel explores how lives can be upended in the blink of an eye.” – Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic


Hunter Southall ’19

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