Congratulations to all of our Undergraduate Researchers!

This summer, the Biddle Lab had the absolute pleasure of having six outstanding undergraduate students who dedicated their summer break to amazing research! They worked hard and had the opportunity to present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Delaware on August 12th, 2021.

Below are their final summer presentations:

Kasey Hobert: Comparing the Equine Protozoa Community Based on Keeper Status

Allie Baiungo: Are there differences in cyathostomin population caused by climate factors in the US? 

Nate Hunsinger: Chronic Kidney Disease Modeling Project

Brenna Tento and Ayiana James: Measurement of Anthelmintic Susceptibility in Cyathostomin Larval Populations From Horses

David Vega: Protocol optimization to sequence single protozoa cells 


Once again, congratulations on all your hard work!

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