CKD Biomarkers

The CKD project is currently finding an answer for what pathways and genes are found in gut microbes to produce CKD and which gut microbes produce these specific markers (indoxyl sulfate, para-cresyl sulfate, trimethylamine-N-oxide).  

The goal of this research project is to identify and map metabolic pathways and genes used by bacteria to make specific biomarkers. This project will also identify gut bacteria with the potential to produce each of these specific markers. In order to find certain pathways and genes used by bacteria, the researchers have made use of IMG & Kegg, which are databases containing all information needed for specific genes.

This research involves Dr. Biddle, Usha Vyas, Courtney Barbato, and Daniella Morris. Others can get involved in this research by contacting Dr. Biddle via her email! 

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