Our Team


Dr. Amy Biddle 

Assistant Professor of Animal Science



Dr. B’s UD faculty page




Graduate Students

Alexa Johnson

Current Research: The comparative evaluation of the microbiome effects of easy and hard keeper horses






Usha Vyas

Current Research: A metabolomics approach to study novel/ certain selected serum and uremic biomarkers which are indicative of disease progression in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)





Jose Daniel Chazi Capelo 

Current research: machine learning techniques for sample prediction of horses based on keeper status using microbial abundance from the gut. Whole-genome sequencing of the gut microbiome between obese and non-obese horses





Gabriella Castillo 

Currently a non-thesis M.S student with a concentration in Animal Science Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Gabriella is currently focusing on the growth and promotion of the Equine Gut Microbiome Project.






Gloria Andrade-Feraud

Currently a non-thesis M.S student with a concentration in Veterinary Biosciences, Biotechnology, and One Health (VBBOH). Gloria’s research interests are in the Equine Gut Microbiome, Nutrition and Health.  






Undergraduate Students


Allison (Allie) Baiungo

Current Research: Equine Gut Metagenomics

Class of 2022





David Vega

Current Research: Protozoans 

Class of 2022





Kasey Hobert

Current Research: Protozoans 

Class of 2022






Nate Hunsinger

Current Research: CKD 

Class of 2022






Brenna Tento

Current Research: Cyathostomins 

Class of 2023







Justin Berg 

Graduate student at The University of Guam in the Master of Biology program

Current Research: Understanding how degraded watersheds, specifically sedimentation, affect the coral microbiome in Southern Guam

Class of 2017


Hailey Siegel 

Veterinary student at The University of Pennsylvania 

Currently: Starting her third year at PennVet with a track in mixed animal medicine and is one semester away from starting clinicals! She is interested in the Microbiome and nutrition in general.

Class of 2017


Kelsey Bernarducci

Veterinary student at University College Dublin 

Previous Research: Nutrition and the microbiome of the gastrointestinal tract 

Class of 2018


Justin Blair 

Transitioned from Sr. Molecular Scientist at Genesis Diagnostics to a new position as a Research Data Analyst at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Current Research: Genetic causes of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

Class of 2019


Anthony Pompetti

Graduate student at The University of Delaware to gain his Master’s in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Previous Research: Cyathostomins 

Currently: Working at a small animal private practice before attending graduate school 

Class of 2019


Gisselle Garcia 

Veterinary student at Mississippi State University after earning her Master of Animal Science at UD in 2o2o 

Previous Research: The Effects of NSAIDs on the Equine Gastric Microbiome via an in vitro time-course analysis. Gisselle completed a senior thesis titled, “An In Vitro Analysis of the Effects of Firocoxib on the Equine Gastric Microbiome”.

Class of 2019


Kathryn Babiarz

Obtaining her Master’s in Veterinary Science at the University of Kentucky, class of 2021!

Current Research: She is a member of the Equine Musculoskeletal lab at UK and for her project, she is evaluating equine proximal sesamoid bones from breakdown and non-breakdown racing thoroughbreds utilizing clinical CT and microCT data.

Previous Research: During her time in the Biddle Lab, Kathryn completed a senior thesis titled “An In Vitro Assessment of the Effects of Phenylbutazone on the Equine Gastric Microbiome”.

Class of 2019


Tesa Stone

Veterinary student at The University of Pennsylvania  

Previous Research: She completed her senior thesis with the Biddle Lab, “An In Vitro Assessment of the Effects of Flunixin Meglumine on the Equine Gastric Microbiome”.

Class of 2019


Michael Morguess 

Class of 2021


Christine Marchesano 

Class of 2021


Zoe Seitz

Veterinary student at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 2021


Daniella Morris

Veterinary student at Long Island University College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 2021


Courtney Barbato  

Class of 2021

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