Graduate Students

UD currently offers 60 doctoral and 145 master’s degree programs. Of these programs 16 are dual degrees14 interdisciplinary and 20 on-line. Other options include an avenue to complete a traditional four-year bachelor’s program plus a master’s program in one addition year, known as a 4+1 degree (25 are currently available) and 35 certificate programs across our seven colleges and more than 82 research centers and institutes. UD is one of the top 100 institutions for federal obligations in science and engineering and interdisciplinary initiatives in energy science and policy, the environment and in human health.

Animal and Food Science graduate programs

Our faculty research areas include:

Immunology, physiology, and virology;
Avian infectious diseases and their management;
Avian genomics and molecular genetics;
Animal nutrition and metabolism;
Equine metagenomics; and
Food microbiology, safety, and processing.


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Meet the Biddle Lab Graduate Students!

Feel free to email them with questions to gain more insight on our lab at the graduate level.


Alexa Johnson

Current Research: The comparative evaluation of the microbiome effects of easy and hard keeper horses


Usha Vyas

Current Research: A metabolomics approach to study novel/ certain selected serum and uremic biomarkers which are indicative of disease progression in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


Jose Daniel Chazi Capelo 

Current research: machine learning techniques for sample prediction of horses based on keeper status using microbial abundance from the gut. Whole-genome sequencing of the gut microbiome between obese and non-obese horses


Gabriella Castillo

Currently a non-thesis M.S student with a concentration in Animal Science Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership. Gabriella is focusing on the growth and promotion of the Equine Gut Microbiome project.


Gloria Andrade-Feraud

Currently a non-thesis M.S student with a concentration in Veterinary Biosciences, Biotechnology, and One Health (VBBOH). Gloria’s research interests are in Equine Gut Microbiome, nutrition and health.

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