Horse Owners

Interested in ordering a sample kit to contribute to our research? Follow the steps below!

By sending in your samples, you will have the opportunity to have your horse(s) displayed on the website!

You can also support the Biddle Lab by directly donating!

Sample Collection Checklist!

  1. Fill out this FORM to order a kit and once someone from the Biddle Lab contacts you, you may complete steps 2 & 3! 
  2. Watch our step-by-step tutorial VIDEO on how to properly collect and package your fecal sample
  3. After collection, fill out this SURVEY to gain more information on your horse

This is what your data will provide!


Sample Kits Include:

  • Height-weight tape
  •  50mL fecal collection tube
  • Smaller 5mL tube with a clear liquid inside
  • Pair of gloves
  • Sample spoon
  • USPS mailing box with a return label



Here are some examples of what your data may look like: 

Horse Sample #1

Horse Sample #2

Horse Sample #3


Still have questions? Email Amy Biddle at




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