Kasey Hobert wins first place at CANR Research Symposium!

Current undergraduate and future graduate student Kasey Hobert won first place at the CANR Research Symposium.

Kasey presented at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 2022 Unique Strengths Research Symposium with her presentation titled “Comparing the Equine Protozoa Community Based on Keeper Status.” Her presentation won first place at the research symposium. Congratulations Kasey!

Congratulations to all of our Undergraduate Researchers!

This summer, the Biddle Lab had the absolute pleasure of having six outstanding undergraduate students who dedicated their summer break to amazing research! They worked hard and had the opportunity to present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Delaware on August 12th, 2021.

Below are their final summer presentations:

Kasey Hobert: Comparing the Equine Protozoa Community Based on Keeper Status

Allie Baiungo: Are there differences in cyathostomin population caused by climate factors in the US? 

Nate Hunsinger: Chronic Kidney Disease Modeling Project

Brenna Tento and Ayiana James: Measurement of Anthelmintic Susceptibility in Cyathostomin Larval Populations From Horses

David Vega: Protocol optimization to sequence single protozoa cells 


Once again, congratulations on all your hard work!

Dr. Amy Biddle and PhD student Alexa Johnson present at 2021 ASAS

From July 14th-17th, Dr. Amy Biddle and PhD student Alexa Johnson had the honor and opportunity of going to the 2021 ASAS-CSAS-SSASAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Dr. Biddle gave a presentation titled: “The Equine Microbiome: How Does Our Understanding of the Microbiome Impact the Nutrient Requirements of the Horse?” Alexa presented her research titled: “Do the microbiomes of horses process nutrients differently based on keeper status?” Congratulations to both on their hard research and representing the University of Delaware’s Department of Animal and Food Sciences!

Congratulations to Alexa Johnson on her published papers!

PhD student, Alexa Johnson, continues to make strides in her research with the addition of her two published papers. Take a look below to see all of her hard work!

Johnson, Alexa C.B.; Biddle, Amy S. 2021. “The Use of Molecular Profiling to Track Equine Reinfection Rates of Cyathostomin Species Following Anthelmintic Administration” Animals 11, no. 5: 1345. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani11051345


Johnson, Alexa C.B., and Amy S. Biddle 2021. “A Standard Scale to Measure Equine Keeper Status and the Effect of Metabolic Tendency on Gut Microbiome Structure” Animals 11, no. 7: 1975. https://doi.org/10.3390/ani11071975

Virtual Lab Tour of Worrilow Hall

After a recent redesign, Worrilow Hall opened its doors back up for students and staff in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) to continue teaching and research. The new building features reconfigured learning rooms, updates labs and increased space for graduate students as well as expanded collaborative space for undergrad students. Additional spaces include lunch break rooms, lounge areas and conference room areas for students to comfortably and confidently study and continue with their research.

Access to the building and certain lab spaces require a valid UD ONEcard and traditional key access. Eating and drinking are prohibited in laboratories and only authorized personnel are permitted in research and shared equipment labs.

Take a look at our virtual tour of the building and lab spaces below!


Congratulations to Alexa Johnson for her abstracts being accepted

Congratulations to Alexa Johnson, a Ph.D student in the Biddle lab, for having two abstracts being accepted at the 2021 Equine Science Society Virtual Symposium.

The abstracts accepted are titled: “Development of the Equine Keeper Status Scale” in the Production and Management section as a Poster Presentation and “Evaluation of the microbiome effects of easy and hard keeper horses with the application of the Equine Keeper Status Scale” in the Equine Biosciences section as a 15 minute oral presentation.

The Equine Science Society Virtual Symposium will be held June 1-4, 2021.

Get involved in summer research programs at UD!

Summer undergraduate research is getting organized. Here are some of the links to get involved in our programs! 

Summer Scholars 


Summer Scholars application is now open. Applications will close March 1st at 5:00pm. Applications for Summer Fellows will open mid-April.

Delaware INBRE Summer Scholars Program 2021


Summer 2021 Undergraduate Applications are open. Applications and recommendations are due March 1st. One letter of recommendation, a personal essay, unofficial transcript and resume are required for application submission.



UD Envision is a five year continuation of a previously-awarded three year program, funded through the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) focused on generation the next generation of Agricultural Scientists. Envision Applications are open. One resume and 3 references are required for application submission.

CANR Summer Institute 


The university of Delaware’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UD CANR) is offering summer research and education experiences to undergraduates (both UD and non-UD students) who are interested in pursuing an advance degree in the agricultural, natural resources, or life sciences. Students will each receive a $4000 stipend for personal and food expenses and can be reimbursed (up to $500) for round-trip travel to participate in the program. Applications are open and are due March 1st.


Research Article Published: Lack of Association Between…

Lack of Association Between Barometric Pressure and Incidence of Colic in Equine Academic Ambulatory Practice 


Click the link below to check out a research article that was published by Amy S. Biddle, Justine Cianci, Ashley G. Boyle and Darko Stefanovski. This study determines an effect on the likelihood of colic diagnosis in the ambulatory setting based off of the changes in barometric pressure measurements.


Research article published: Development of the equine hindgut…

Development of the equine hindgut microbiome in semi-feral and domestic conventionally-managed foals


Click the link below to check out a research article that was published by Amy S. Biddle, Meredith K. Tavenner and Sue M. McDonnell.  This study demonstrates the impact of management on the development of the foal gut microbiome in the first 6 weeks of life.



Congratulations to Alexa Johnson for presenting her research!

As a collaboration between UD ANFS graduate seminar and Cornell University’s Animal Science Department graduate seminar, Alexa Johnson, PhD student from the Biddle Lab presented a talk titled “Reemergence of cyathostomin species demonstrates anthelmintic resistance following drug administration” via Zoom Nov. 19. Congratulations to Alexa for being chosen for this honor, and for giving such a GREAT talk!