I am currently supervising 3 Ph.D. students: Dheer Desai (co-supervised with Mike Tait), Brandon Gilbert and  Himanshu Gupta.

Past Graduate Students

  1. Paul Steller, M.Sc. 2020, Thesis: A survey of the degree/diameter problem for undirected graphs, Booz Allen Hamilton, Software Engineer.
  2. Matt Mc Ginnis, Ph.D. 2018, Thesis: Combinatorial and spectral properties of graphs and association schemes, Farragut System, Software Developer.

    Sebi Cioaba, Matt McGinnis, May 2018

  3. Peng Xu, Ph.D. 2017 – Thesis: Some topics in random walks on graphs, harmonic analysis and Rogozin type inequalities for locally compact groups, (co-supervised with Mokshay Madiman), Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) at Eastern Michigan University
  4. Weiqiang Li, Ph.D. 2015 – Thesis: Algebraic methods in graph theory, Google, Senior Software Engineer.

    Weiqiang Li, Sebi Cioaba, Jason Vermette, Villanova June 2014

  5. Jason Vermette, Ph.D. 2015 – Thesis: Spectral and combinatorial properties of friendship graphs, simplicial rook graphs and extremal expanders, Assistant Professor (Tenure-track) at Missouri Baptist University
  6. Wiseley Wong, Ph.D. 2013 – Thesis: Spanning trees, toughness and eigenvalues of regular graphs, Senior Lecturer at University of Maryland

    Wiseley Wong, Sebi Cioaba, May 2013, UD

  7. Michael Tait, M.Sc. 2011 – Thesis: The Alon-Saks-Seymour and Rank-Coloring Conjectures, Assistant Professor, Villanova University, NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University

    Sebi Cioaba, John Urschel, Michael Tait, March 2017, UD

Undergraduate Students

Sebi Cioaba, Noga Alon, Brandon Gilbert and Zhao Kuang Tan, November 2019

  1. Brandon Gilbert – Senior Thesis 2020 – Optimal addressings of graphs
  2. Zhao Kuang Tan – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, undergraduate student who visited me for 6 months in 2019 On the flip graphs on perfect matchings of complete graphs and signed reversal graphs
  3. Chunxu Ji – Senior Thesis 2019 – Eigenvalues of simplicial complexes
  4. Chunxu Ji – Summer Scholar 2018 – Determining a graph by eigenvalues of simplicial complexes
  5. Brandon Gilbert – Summer Scholar 2018 – Optimal addresings of graphs and Addressing Johnson graphs, complete multipartite graphs, odd cycles and random graphs

    Brandon Gilbert, Sebi Cioaba and Chunxu Ji, UD Summer Scholar Poster Symposium, August 9, 2018

  6. Gifan Thadathil – Senior Thesis 2018 – Spectral sparsification of graphs
  7. Chunxu Ji – Summer Scholar 2017 – Graph edge coloring
  8. Joseph Buxton – Summer Scholar 2017 – Graphs from systems of equations over finite fields

    Joseph Buxton, Sebi Cioaba, Chunxu Ji, August 2017, UD

  9. Stephanie Clampitt – Summer Scholar 2016 – Applications of mathematics to economy
  10. Nicole DiPasquale – Summer Scholar 2016 – Investigations in network medicine
  11. Cory Cutsail – McNair Scholar 2016 – The design of effective school choice mechanisms
  12. Pasquale Zingo – Summer Fellow 2016 – Q-ary addressings of graphs
  13. Yi Zhang – Summer Scholar 2015 – The connectivity of the distance i graph of a distance-regular graph

    Yi Zhang, Sebi Cioaba, August 2015, UD

  14. Briana Lamet – Summer Scholar 2015 – Intersecting families of triangulations

    Briana Lamet, Sebi Cioaba, August 2015, UD

  15. Yi Zhang – Summer Scholar 2014 – Constructing expanders using signed adjacency matrices
  16. Emma Kulek – Summer Scholar 2014 – The mathematics and economics of matchings
  17. Alexandra Sampugnaro – Summer Fellow 2013
  18. Michelle Markiewitz – Summer Scholar 2012 – Network addressing using biclique decomposition

    Michelle Markiewitz, Sebi Cioaba, January 2013, UD

  19. Dajun Lin – Summer Scholar 2011 – Cospectral graphs
  20. Patrick Devlin – Summer Scholar 2010 – Analysis and construction of large graphs of fixed diameter and maximum degree
  21. Michael Tait – Summer Research 2010
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