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Club Reports

Holy Angels Club

We ended our year matting some of the pictures we had taken in our meetings. They will be hung in the school to show others what we have been doing this year. Elena and Holden did the refreshments- Elena fixed them and Holden taste tested them.  They made “cars” from apple slices, pretzel sticks and marshmallows. We also made rings from dollar bills.


Quinn, Liam, Tony, Daniel, and Skylar went to the Legislative Day in Dover and learned lots of fun facts about the building and what happens there.   

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club went on its first outing in May. The fish were really biting! The club is enjoying the new sport they’ve learned, being active and getting outdoors.












The College School

Members of the College School Club took an afternoon to learn some sewing skills. They made beanbags and had a great time!

Club Reports

Fishing Club


The first club meeting was a success! Youth participated in “classroom training”, lead by Mr. Todd Harvey and assisted by Marian Harvey, that will prepare them for their next meeting, in which their lures will be in the water. Happy fishing!















At the April meeting of Camp FRESH 4-H Club, UD Nutrition and Dietetics Intern, Julia explained  how to read food labels to select nutrient dense foods. We also made MyPlate bracelets to remind us of the food groups to choose each day.


C-3 Club


The Camp Counselor Club April meeting featured a presentation by UD Community Services Intern, Daniella. She explained
about common disabilities in children and offered techniques to engage children. We also learned about different types of vegetarianism in an interactive game led by Nutrition Intern, Julia.

Club Reports


The Camp FRESH 4-H Club welcomed Julia, a UD Nutrition and Dietetics Student intern to their March meeting. She facilitated a fun and informative Nutrition and Fitness Jeopardy game.

Clover Quest

In February, 4-H Clover Quest’s meeting began as usual with the pledges. Reports were given and announcements for 4-H upcoming events. The Clover Quest then played a lively game very similar to musical chairs. They had great fun!

Ruth Schelich selected the meeting’s theme of the month: Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! She informed the meeting of how they can recycle right and reuse all sorts of recycle goods. Did you know used pizza box is not recyclable? According to Ruth’s research only clean pizza boxes can be recycled. Interesting! For the craft, Ruth Schelich and her family brought many recyclable goods and had the club put their creative caps on to concoct a craft used ALL by recycled goods.

The room was buzzing with creative ideas! The meeting was then closed.

-Your club reporter, Therese Owens

Heavenly Hooves/Tails n’ Trails

Heavenly Hooves and Tails and Trails Club members competed in the Statewide Horse Bowl on March 9.

Pictured in back row: are Junior Team also known as H2T2, Daisy Timney, Clara Gulick, Lizzy Handlin-coached by Angela Brown

Front row: Beginner Team: Savannah Timney, Alexis Drury, Jack Handlin, coached by Jessica Knowles

Sarah Brown, NCC 4-H Alumni served as a judge.

Holy Angels

One of our Junior Leaders went to a photography workshop and worked with us to take pictures of glow sticks using the timer on the camera and a tripod.

Liam Aber planted beach grass at Kitts Hummock Beach on a new dune.

We had a snack mix with Lucky Charms for St. Patrick’s Day and drilled and sanded on a wooden peg game.

From Logan Fagley: club reporter

Summit Bridge

At the March meeting of the Summit Bridge 4H club we had our business meeting. We discussed our Friendly’s fundraiser. After our meeting, we played team building games and  we finished the night with a yummy snack. Below is of one of our 4H’ers (William Apps) enjoying his Friendly’s dessert.


Club Reports

Camp Fresh

Camp FRESH (Fresh Resources Everyone Should Have) recently elected officers. We have decided that Faith Redding will be President. Ra’Nada Brown, also known as “Sparkle” will be Vice President as well as Reporter. Brandee Bruce will be our secretary. Tyrrell Ferguson will be our Treasurer. Our social media person will be Salamata Bah and finally our Recreation Leader will be Destiny Taylor. At this meeting we also learned about Nutrients in our Foods with an activity matching nutrients and their role in our diet.

Submitted by Ra’Nada Brown.

Holy Angels Club

NCC Holy Angels 4H club t-shirt bag 1

NCC Holy Angels 4H club t-shirt bag 2

At our 2/22/2019 meeting, at the 4-H club at Holy Angels School, we made bags out of old T-shirts. We all had a lot of fun doing so, and we still did much more! We played a word game where someone comes up with a word, and then you have to make as many words as possible! Then, we took pictures of pictures under glass, then sprayed with water, so that it would have a cool element. All of us had fun today, and I can’t wait to see what happens next time!!!
Shannon, Reporter

Some of us even “recycled the sleeves” from the t-shirts for hats and ski masks.

NCC Holy Angels 4H club headbands & face masks from t-shirts


Join the Meado-Larks club for an indoor mini-golf event!

Club Reports

Holy Angels Club

January 11, 2019  Today was another great day at the 4-H club at Holy Angels School. Today, we made some Valentine’s Day cards for the people at the nursing home. Our snack today was Snowy Snack Mix, which was made by Tony and Daniel. As a craft for today’s meeting, we made catapults.

When we finished, we had a tournament to see who’s was the best. Since we had four fourth graders, four fifth graders, and two sixth graders on our attendance, we had an even win. In our fourth grade competition, Holden won. In our fifth grade competition, Tony won. And finally, in our sixth grade competition, Quinn won. After that, we all went outside to take some photos of trees. We are making a project where every season, we take a picture of a tree, and when we put all of the pictures together, we will watch how the tree changes in the seasons.

We had a great meeting today, and I hope that the next one will go just as well.

– Shannon Craig, 4-H reporter

In our January 25th meeting, we made woodpecker feeders, using a drill press to make the holes. Then we screwed on a roof. Skylar and Liam made pudding cup dirt for our snack.


Club Reports

Holy Angels 










In October, we made little Halloween notes to put with the Meals on Wheels meals.  We also made hanging pumpkin decorations.  In November, we made Christmas wreaths (and one Christmas halo).  We also made Christmas place cards for the Nursing Home residents.  In December, we rang bells for the Salvation Army and gave out candy canes.






Summit Bridge

At our December meeting, we did all sorts of fun things. We presented a special gift to our special leader, Mrs. Brenda Shaffer. Our club made 4-H Christmas ornaments and we played board games. We did a fun healthy living activity and we ended the night with yummy appetizers- Santa inspired fruit, cookies/desserts, and hot chocolate. The Summit Bridge 4-H Christmas party was a success! We all took home a special 4-H gift.








Club Reports 📰

Clover Quest

The October meeting of Clover Quest 4-H was called to order by Jade Wasgatt, club president, on the 19th at 4:00 at the Newark Free Library. Caleb Morris led the Pledge of Allegiance, Eliana Morris led the 4-H pledge, and Jade led the moment of silence. Katrice Wasgatt, club secretary, read the September minutes and took roll. Seven members and several visitors were present. Ms. Blaky Wasgatt, the club leader, asked if there was a family willing to be in charge of Clover Quest’s entry for the display contest next year. She thanked clubbers for renewing their memberships and announced that there will be community service projects coming soon.

The club then divided into age groups to play games. Members in each group found a partner and linked the jump ropes they were holding to try to untangle them. No one figured it out, but it was a fun brain teaser. The other game involved standing in a circle and trying to hit a ball between the other players’ legs to make a goal.

The Turner family brought homemade pretzels and root beer in honor of Oktoberfest. Everyone enjoyed this seasonally appropriate snack. Aiden, Kieran, and Caleb Morris gave an impressive, hands-on presentation about karate. They led the club in various moves and performed routines they have worked hard to learn. At the end each member got to break a board with their fist. Jade adjourned the meeting at 5:30.

DE 4-H Shooting Sports, Conservation, Wildlife and Hunting Club

The club had an interesting guest speaker recently. Ms. Teddy Moritzis, one of the few Delaware Master Falconers, visited class to talk to the youth about using birds of prey for Falconry hunting. The youth and adults were fascinated by her talk. She is pictured here with her Harris’s Hawk which is a female named “Ray”.
The club tries to feature guest speakers each week to educate the youth in different aspects of hunting.


Club Reports 📝

Summit Bridge

Recently, Parker Hickey attended the 64th National 4-H Dairy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin

Pictured L-R

Joshua Menard, Peach Blossom

Parker Hickey, Summit Bridge

John Hickey, 4-H Dairy Volunteer

The club also went on a hayride and wore pink in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness month




Clover Quest 

Clover Quest 4-H had their first meeting of the year on September 21st at the Newark Free Library.  Jade Wasgatt, the president, called the meeting to order at 4:00.  Olivia Owens led the Pledge of Allegiance, Collette Owens led the 4-H pledge, and Jade led the moment of silence.   The other officer present was Katrice Wasgatt, the club secretary.  In old business the elected officers for this year were announced, which included the two previously mentioned as well as Therese Owens, the club reporter.  Members’ participation at the state fair was commended.  Families were reminded to renew their memberships during new business.

The club then divided into age groups to play games.  The 5-11 year old group played tic-tac-toe by tossing bean bags into a hula hoop grid and then a version of hot potato in which one clubber tried to guess who was holding the item at the end.  The teenagers played “never have I ever” and a game that involved tossing a ball into a bucket.  For the snack, Ms. Blaky Wasgatt, the club leader, made delicious brownies that everyone loved, and revealed that the primary ingredient was black beans.

Jade gave a presentation about preparing an animal to be shown at the state fair, using her own goat, Dakota, to demonstrate.  She discussed the importance of grooming, shaving, and practicing leading the animal.  She then gave everyone an opportunity to feed the goat and led the group in a game of Jeopardy to test their memory.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30.




Club Reports

Summit Bridge

The Summit Bridge 4H club had our first meeting of the year on September 19th. We elected our officers using the voting process. We talked about the window display and about a hay ride for our next meeting. We had a snack and the meeting was Adjourned. Pictured are our new officers: President- Emerson Hickey, Co-Vice Presidents- Chance Hickey and Nicholas Ruggeri, Treasurer- Jacob Green, Reporter- Logan Fagley, Community Service Officer- Ben Carter, Healthy Living Officers-Sarah Apps and Kristen Traver.


Holy Angels

The Holy Angels Club had its first meeting for the year.and we elected officers. Caroline Shellman president, Tony Szcerba Vice President, Daniel Work Secretary and Me, Shannon Craig, Reporter.  We also did demonstrations making spiders from Oreos and from Crackers and peanut butter.  We did a scavenger hunt game to learn more about each other and then went outside and took some pictures of trees to watch all year to see how the same picture will change.

Club Reports

Holy Angels Club

We did some more photography using a pane of glass and a spray bottle of water to take pictures of each other.  Quinn and Mary made today’s snack using Yogurt, cool whip and animal crackers. Liam talked about native bees and we had honey sticks.







We also made bee blocks, using drilling and sanding woodworking skills and putting in screws. 

Woodworking teacher helps girl drill hole in block of wood


Summit Bridge Club

The Summit Bridge 4-H Club made interactive Healthy Living display for Odessa Fest on May 5, 2018




Mulching at Summit United Methodist Church where the club meets!

Club members Andrew Shaffer and Hunter Willoughby at WDEL to record a radio segment and PSA (Public Service Announcement) for Delaware 4-H





Tails n’ Trails 

We volunteered  6 hours at a miniature horse farm   prepping the horses for sales. It was a great hands-on experience and all had a wonderful time!

Club Reports

Holy Angels Club

In March, we made place cards for Newark Manor for Easter.  Elena and Shannon made an Easter snack from chocolate, pretzels and Easter candy. We also worked on the photography project some more. The first meeting in April, Liam and Daniel made “indoor  s’mores” for the snack. We went outside for some pictures of things around the school. We also tried  “recycling bowling ” in honor of Earth Day coming up but the windy weather kept bowling over our soda bottle pins. We spent more time chasing the ball!


Stump Corner

Katie Campbell and Ella Vandervort  showed off their design and sewing skills in the Kent County Clothing Showcase. Great job!

Summit Bridge

Summit Bridge members, Vivian and Ben Carter, along with Nicholas Ruggeri and Emerson and Owen Hickey are pictured at their Ag Day display, “Backyard Exploring”. This interactive exhibit focused on different bugs that can be found in backyards and the role they play.


Club Reports

Heavenly Hooves 

Sarah Brown, winner of the 2017 Horse of the Year Contest, recently received this model replica of her horse Bree, donated by Peter Stone of Stone Model Horse Company. Sarah wrote an essay about this horse and was named the state winner. She has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of her model horse. Congratulations Sarah!

Holy Angels 4-H Club

In our February meetings, we are working on Photography.   Since we were making Valentine cards for Newark Manor Nursing Home, we had lots of hearts.  We used these to make piles of hearts and take pictures of them as “composition” pictures. We also worked with light and shadows, took “still life” pictures and close-ups of an orchid.    Sophia and Shannon did a demonstration on making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Liam showed an old demonstration on entomology.  How about a demonstration on making snowmen from pretzels and marshmallows?  Quinn and Mary made some great snowmen that tasted good, too.

Porter Gang

Melanie Witte, 4-H member of the Porter Gang 4-H Club, conducted a “Soap Drive” to help eradicate cholera in Haiti. Soap is not afford- able to many families in Haiti, and as a result, many children die of cholera. She recently shipped 450 bars of soap. Great job on your service project Melanie!

Stump Corner

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many animals were being relocated to our local shelters. To help our local shelters support these in-coming animals, members from Stump Corner 4-H Club in Townsend took it upon themselves to create a donation box and gather donations of all kinds. They created a box which was then located at Tractor Supply in Middletown. After the Christmas season they gathered up all the donations and took them to the Brandywine Valley SPCA shelter. The group was amazed at the generosity of the local community. The box was overflowing with items. The shelter was ecstatic to receive the donations and upon arrival made use of several of them right away.



Summit Bridge

Summit Bridge 4H’s meeting, was filled with activities that showed support for our community. Members brought in items for Blessing Bags such as socks, snacks first aid kits, tissues, toothbrush, and trash bags for rain protection. We prepared the blessing bags for homeless and community members that are in need. We also wrote thank you notes to veterans and active members of the military to show our appreciation for their service. It was a fun time where we showed larger service for our community.




Club Reports

Holy Angels 4-H Club

Club members learned about several tools and how to use them.  We sawed off a piece of wood using 2 different saws.  Then we used a rasp to make a dent in the wood.  Then we used a sanding block and sanded the piece of wood.  We also made bird feeders from gingerbread men.  We spread them with peanut butter and then dropped them in a bag of bird seed and put them in plastic baggies.  We had extra gingerbread so we ate it with peanut butter.  The birds should like these because the gingerbread tasted good with peanut butter on it!

Summit Bridge 4-H Club

The Summit Bridge Club had a very special guest speaker during their January meeting. Gail Garner taught the club sign language.

Club Reports

Holy Angels

We have been very busy.  For Thanksgiving the members made Thankful Pumpkins for home, made place cards for Thanksgiving Dinner for the residents of Newark Manor and collected food.  For Christmas, we made place cards for residents’ Christmas Dinner.  Also, 5 members- Mary, Sophia, Caroline , Daniel and Liam also spent time ringing the Salvation Army bells. Our group has two projects- photography  and woodworking.  One meeting we practiced hammering and removing nails from a block of wood- used our safety goggles!  Members also take turns taking pictures of the meetings. 

Summit Bridge

The Summit Bridge club was out in full force the evening of December 21st, ringing the bells for the Salvation Army. They report they had a great turnout and had a lot of fun for a good cause!

Window Display and Banner Contest Results

Window Display Competition:

1st Place – Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club

2nd Place – Porter Gang 4-H Club

3rd Place – Summit Bridge 4-H Club

Banner Display Contest:

1st Place: Clara Gulick, Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club

2nd Place: Halley Poe, Bear 4-H Club

3rd Place: Carly Mekulski, Tails N’ Trails 4-H Club


Great job on all your hard work! 

Club Reports

Summit Bridge

On Wednesday, 10/11 over 40 members of Summit Bridge and their families participated in a hay ride at the Cook Family farm. Our members had a fun time cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows while visiting with each other.


Holy Angels 4-H Club

(unofficially the Mavericks)

Held the first meeting of their new club, during which they made fall decorations and took “trick” photos.

Club Reports

Summit Bridge:

24 members of the Summit Bridge 4-H Club attended our first meeting of the year!

We elected officers for this year and they are as follows:

President – Emma Apps

Vice-President – Emerson Hickey

Secretary – Nicholas Ruggeri

Treasurer – Hunter Willoughby

Reporter – Jake Green

Community Service Officers – Owen Hickey and Dayton Hickey

Healthy Living Officer – Chance Hickey


We then discussed all of the fun activities that are coming up this 4-H year.  Afterwards, we enjoyed Rice Krispy Treats and Grapes!

Here are some recent pictures of our first meeting and our club picnic in August.


Submitted by Jacob Green