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Summit Bridge


At today’s meeting, we had an exciting activity planned. Before the meeting, Mrs. Schaffer gave us all black canvases, a selection of paints, and paintbrushes. But before we could use anything
we went over some old and new business. Two of our members, Elijah and Stacy went to St. Paul’s church and presented them with a check funded by money that the club had raised to support them. After we thanked and congratulated them, we started on our activity. Mrs. Schaffer found an online tutorial on how to paint a magical snowman. After some technical difficulties,
we were able to start painting, and everyone had such a fun time! The video was very descriptive so it was easy to follow along and make our canvases come to life. Unfortunately, my hands were covered with paint at the time so I couldn’t get a good picture of everyone’s masterpieces, but pictured below is my finished product.


At today’s meeting, we had limited time so we quickly went through old business then moved on to our activity. We did a scavenger hunt where we had to find different things related to 4-H throughout our home. For example, we had to find a green marker, a piece of paper, and even something with the 4-H logo on it. We weren’t keeping score, so everyone was a winner at the end! After our game, we went over when our next meeting would be and then said good night.

-Daisy Timney, Club Reporter