About Us

The Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence will increase UD’s competitiveness by tapping into the large national funding sources for innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will do so by catalyzing interdisciplinary science collaborations, impacting research and education across campus, leveraging resources of world-class supercomputing for scientific innovations and advances, and complementing UD’s Data Science Institute through high-performance computing (HPC) and intelligent sensing. 

AI-HPC promises to unlock new applications in nearly every part of our modern economy, including our cities, vehicles, homes, and a wide range of other “intelligent” systems, beyond big data and data science. Enabled by advances in computer processing capabilities and large data sets from diverse new sensor technologies, AI is concerned with methods for not only understanding data, but for developing standardized autonomous systems that can learn from it and make unbiased decisions and/or inferences that are difficult for humans.

Hence, a focus of the AICoE is the unique alliance of computer algorithms and HPC, harnessing big data, and the ability to create multidisciplinary partnerships, which will enable ethical AI application advances and distinguish UD from others in this field.

Our Mission

The AICoE aims to serve as a catalyst for advancing multidisciplinary research across campus. By highlighting expertise and enhancing AI resources, AICoE facilitates teams of AI partners within and outside UD, to collaboratively apply technological solutions and create impactful AI projects.