AICoE Research Staff

Postdoctoral Researcher

PKullu (1)

Pinar Kullu

Pinar Kullu has a PhD in Computer Engineering from Hacettepe University, Turkey. Her focus for her dissertation was on optimization of Network-on-Chip (NoC) integrated circuit architectures. She joined AICoE as a postdoctoral researcher in October 2022. Previously, she spent one year at Drexel University College of Medicine contributing to a computational neuroscience research in the Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy. In addition to her expertise in NoC architectures, her research broadly focuses on various applications of machine learning.

AICoE Undergraduate Research Assistants

The AICoE has teamed up with AI researchers across UD’s campus to provide research opportunities for undergraduate students of the Department of Computer and Information Science who are interested in AI-related work.

2024 Projects


Amani Kiruga

Year: Senior

Project: Longitudinal Video Analysis of In-Home Infant-Parent Interactions for Motor Skills Interventions

PI: Dr. Christopher Rasmussen, Department of Computer and Information Sciences


2023 Projects


Mar Tejedor Ninou

Year: Senior

Project: Radical Fashion: Digital Historical Reconstruction of 1920’s Garments for Virtual Exhibition

PI: Dr. Kelly Cobb, Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies



Aaron Oster

Year: Junior

Project: How Can We Reconstruct Vasculature: Windowed Biomedical Image Segmentation

PI: Dr. Jason Gleghorn, Department of Biomedical Engineering


Jonathan Ma

Year: Junior

Project: Developing an efficient, scalable, assessable runoff risk prediction tool over the Great Lakes region using hybrid modeling

PI: Dr. Yao Hu, Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Eli Brignac

Year: Sophomore

Project: Transformers for Socioemotional Behavior Assessment of Children with Autism

PI: Dr. Leila Barmaki, Department of Computer and Information Sciences