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AI Center of Excellence

Our Mission

The AICoE aims to serve as a catalyst for advancing multidisciplinary research across campus. By highlighting expertise and enhancing responsible AI resources, the AICoE facilitates teams of AI partners within and outside UD, to collaboratively apply technological solutions and create impactful and beneficial AI projects.


Low-Code AI with MATLAB Webinar by MathWorks

Monday, September 25 2023 3:00PM-4:30PM

Host: Evan Cosgrove, MathWorks Customer Success Engineer


Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Starting Fall 2023, UD now offers a 3 course (9 credit) graduate certificate in AI.


Computing-based Solutions to Real-world Problems

August 2, 2023
UD’s Data Science Institute and AI Center of Excellence hosted their first joint hackathon


Visible Threat

July 28, 2023
AICoE affiliated faculty Pinki Mondal and Jarrod Miller study how saltwater intrusion is wreaking havoc on farms throughout Delmarva using Machine Learning techniques.


Insights for Future Innovations

July 20, 2023
In the lab of UD’s Arthi Jayaraman, researchers are developing new computational tools to enable faster innovations in material science and engineering.

Affiliated Faculty

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