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Explainable AI

Jan 29, 2024
AICoE affiliated faculty Xi Peng and his doctoral student levage trustworthy AI to improve seafloor data intelligence


Kyle Davis Named 2023 Gerard J. Mangone Young Scholar

Jan 24, 2024

AICoE affiliated faculty Kyle Davis recgonized for his outstanding research as a young, promising scholar.


Artificial Intelligence in Teaching and Learning

Dec 4, 2023

UD leads the conversation about AI in the context of teaching and learning with an interdisciplinary UD working group and other initiatives


Exascale's New Frontier: SOLLVE

Nov 27, 2023
AICoE Co-Director Sunita Chandrasekaran leads the ECP SOLLVE project, advancing the OpenMP application programming interface into the exascale era.


Next-Generation AI Education

October 12, 2023
New graduate certificate in artificial intelligence provides students with essential skills, hands-on experience for a wide range of career paths

Our Mission

The AICoE aims to serve as a catalyst for advancing multidisciplinary research across campus. By highlighting expertise and enhancing responsible AI resources, the AICoE facilitates teams of AI partners within and outside UD, to collaboratively apply technological solutions and create impactful and beneficial AI projects.

The AI Center of Excellence (AICoE) is located in the Fintech Innovation Hub on STAR Campus

591 Collaboration Way
Suite 417
Newark DE, 19713



Affiliated Faculty

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