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Our Mission

The AI Center of Excellence aims to serve as a catalyst for advancing multidisciplinary research across campus. By highlighting expertise and enhancing AI resources, AICoE facilitates teams of AI partners within and outside UD, to collaboratively apply technological solutions and create impactful AI projects.     

Latest News

Programming Agility

May 05, 2022

UD engineers aim to give robots a leg up. In Professor Ioannis Poulakakis’ lab at the University of Delaware, a human-sized robot is almost ready to play its role in engineering a better future.

Ag-Inspired Engineering

Dec 08, 2021

How engineering principles support plant science. When Tropical Storm Isaias pummeled the East Coast in summer 2020, it created life-threatening tornadoes and weather conditions that ruined homes and flattened farm fields across Delaware. But in Newark, in a small field planted with different varieties of corn, one professor noticed that not all of the plants had the same damage.

Robot Research Honored

Feb 26, 2021

Fabrizio Sergi, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Delaware, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award to support fundamental research in motor control that could in the future improve practices in neurorehabilitation for individuals with motor impairment.


Programming the Soon-To-Be World's Fastest Supercomputer

Jan 27, 2021

What’s it like designing an app for the world’s fastest supercomputer, set to come online in the United States in 2021? The University of Delaware’s Sunita Chandrasekaran is leading an elite international team in just that task.

Smarter Models, Smarter Choices

Oct 19, 2020

UD’s Vlachos and Lansford develop high confidence approach for artifical intelligence-based models. They call it artificial intelligence — not because the intelligence is somehow fake. It’s real intelligence, but it’s still made by humans. That means AI — a power tool that can add speed, efficiency, insight and accuracy to a researcher’s work — has many limitations.

Affiliated Faculty

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