New Zealand 2022 Study Abroad Interest Meeting

Kia Ora (hello)

There will be a New Zealand 2022 Study Abroad Interest meeting on Thursday January 21st from 7-9pm.

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All majors in CANR are welcome and we usually accept students from many CANR majors.  The focus of our program is sustainable food production, preservation of native habitats and resources (soil and water) on farms, and efficient, pasture-based food production.  Our program includes 7 cr hrs of coursework and many, many excursions to some of the most beautiful and productive stations (ranches/farms) on the South Island of New Zealand.  The field trips to stations are complimented with cultural and historical trips to museums, the International Antarctic Centre, a wildlife rehabilitation center, and botanical gardens.  Our home-base for the month is Lincoln University where we stay in their residence halls and use the dining hall for our meals!  I will attach the PDF file of our slide show from the first interest meeting in case you were unable to attend.

We expect applications to open around February 11th  (applications are on the UD study abroad webpage) and although we take a fairly large group (usually ~ 35 students), the program usually fills quickly,  so we suggest you apply early.

Since this is a ZOOM meeting, please feel free to include your parents/sponsors so that they can ask all their questions too!

Of course, at any time, COVID could result in program cancellation and we are quite certain that NZ will require us all to have proof of COVID vaccination to enter the country.  But we are preparing as we usually do – with the assumption that we will be able to take you all to one of the most beautiful places on earth next January!

Ma Te Wa (until we meet again),

Dr. Lesa Griffiths and Ms. Susan (Truehart) Garey

CANR 2022 Winter Session Study Abroad Program in New Zealand- Interest Meeting 11/10

Kia Ora! We are very excited to announce preliminary approval of the CANR 2022 Winter Session Study Abroad Program in New Zealand with a focus on Sustainable Farm Management and Food Production. Join us as we explore pasture-based livestock production, vegetable seed production, crop production and manuka honey production on large farms with a focus on sustainability of wildlife, waterways, native plants, soil and animals. We’ll visit some of the most magnificent farms on the South Island of New Zealand, the world-renowned Christchurch Botanical Gardens, a native wildlife conservation center, and the International Antarctic Centre.

The program will take place during the January 2022 winter session and we expect applications to open early in the spring semester – so it’s not too early to start saving and planning.

We are having our first interest meeting next Tuesday November 10th from 8-10 pm. Please join us at the ZOOM link below. We do ask that you join with your camera on if possible. You may jump in any time during the 2 hours, but we will be giving a presentation that will start shortly after 8. If your parents would like to join the ZOOM, please feel free to include them. We welcome ALL majors in CANR and we have taken all majors on past programs! So join us next Tuesday evening the 10th at 8 pm to hear more! Add the meeting to your calendar now!

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Dr. Griffiths ( and Mrs. Susan Garey
Program Co-Directors
43 Townsend Hall

Brazil Study Abroad Interest Meeting

Interest Meeting on Monday, April 15, 2019 from 6-7, in Gore 308


Brazil is a vast, diverse and ecologically fascinating destination. In this program, students will study how humans interact with plants while learning methods to capture details in the landscape using freehand sketching and journaling.  Students will observe and portray the landscape in both Rio de Janeiro – a vibrant city known for diverse architecture and gardens, miles of beaches, and warm, welcoming people – and the Amazon Rain Forest. Students will see how the work of the famous landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx affects Brazilian culture in public and private gardens in and around Rio. Students will also enjoy the beach, modern art museums and various cultural events such as samba and the famous “hippie fair”.

Students will interact with members of the landscape firm Roberto Burle Marx, LTD as they study a variety of Brazilian landscapes and artists.  In addition, sketching techniques, students will learn landscape architecture graphic techniques used to portray the urban environment and its related objects through visits to gardens, art museums and modern buildings. This program includes a major excursion to the Amazon River where we explore the flora, fauna and culture of the Amazon Rain Forest.  A weekend excursion to a famous botanical garden and art complex and Tiradentes (historic gold trail town).

Landscape exploration of Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon provides students with the rich experience of immersion in the cultural and ecological patterns of Brazil.  Whether you are interested in cultural landscapes, tropical ecology, art, or architecture, this program is your chance to experience the vibrant culture and emerging economy of Brazil.


Learn about this exciting study abroad at an interest meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 6 PM in 306 GORE. In the Landscape Exploration of Brazil study abroad program (W2020) students will study how humans interact with plants while learning methods to capture details in the landscape using freehand sketching and journaling.  The program will begin in the Amazon rain forest where students will explore local fauna, flora and culture.  We will then fly to Rio de Janeiro and stay in a hotel about one block from Ipanema beach.  We will see how the work of the famous landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx impacts Brazilian culture in public and private gardens in and around Rio. We will also enjoy the beach, modern art museums and various cultural events such as samba and the famous “hippie fair”. Students will interact with members of the landscape firm Roberto Burle Marx, LTD as they study a variety of Brazilian landscapes and artists.  The two courses, Plants and Human Culture and Field Sketching of Landscape Subjects will include some classroom sessions as well as a wide variety of field trips to local gardens, museums, and parks.  The program will be co-led by Sue Barton and Anna Wik.  If you are interested, come to the Interest Meeting on the 13th or send Dr. Barton  an email  and you will be placed on an “Interest List” to keep you apprised of program planning updates.

Winter 2020 Study Abroad- New Zealand

Kia Ora!

Applications for the CANR 2020 Study Abroad Program in New Zealand are now open at
All CANR majors are welcome!

If you have questions  and want more details, Interest Meetings are scheduled for:

Feb. 19 4:00–6:00 Purnell Hall room 118
Feb. 20 4:00-6:00 Kirkbride Hall room 206

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program

Check out this video by PVAB student Sarah Bussard
New Zealand 2018 – Small-1elu7j2

Like many UD students, I opted to spend my Winter 2018 semester studying abroad on one of the numerous programs offered by the University. The New Zealand Study Abroad Program allowed students of all majors to study animal science, plant science, food science, sustainable agricultural practices, and current issues faced by rural farmers. While abroad, students resided in dormitories and took classes in the academic buildings at Lincoln University. Aside from classes, students embarked on 3-4 educational field trips a week to explore the South Island of New Zealand, one of the world’s most agriculturally varied and proficient countries. With agriculture being a main component of New Zealand’s exported goods and economy, it was the perfect setting for this educational excursion. These trips provided students with hands-on learning experiences that reinforce the course material studied in the classroom, helping to make more well-rounded students overall and furthering the ability to make connections both in and out of the classroom.

This journey offered courses and adventures that I believed significantly enriched my experiences as a student of Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences. The courses in Sustainable Farm Management and Topics in International Farm Management were specifically beneficial to my major because they give me a unique perspective on how animals are used, viewed, and cared for in different areas of the world. Farming and animal agriculture are businesses that rely heavily on utilizing animals in a way that is efficient and cost-effective. Veterinarians play a major role in animal agriculture by working with farmers to keep livestock healthy by monitoring structural soundness/lameness, reproduction, nutrition, vaccinations, biosecurity, and animal welfare. Being able to observe how these components of animal care are managed across the world provided me with experiences that are invaluable, should I one-day work as a large animal veterinarian.

Like most undergraduate students, the financial burden of higher education is always a concern of mine. Thankfully, I was able to participate on this incredible educational journey due to the immense generosity of the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program. The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program provides students of limited financial means with the extraordinary opportunity to study abroad and expand their horizons as a student. Many students are denied the chance to study abroad due to financial constraints, and most are unaware of the resources and scholarship opportunities available to help finance these educational journeys. Given all of the incredible opportunities I was afforded through this scholarship, I aspire to share my experience to inform students at the University of Delaware of the Gilman Scholarship to help make their academic aspirations a reality.

I do not believe that a student should ever have to turn down an educational experience due to lack of funds, especially not experiences so enriching and life-changing as studying abroad. In my perspective, an education is the best investment one could ever make. Thankfully, organizations such as the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program recognize this as well, and are willing to aid students on their journey to achieve an education, no matter where it may lead them.

If any student interested in studying abroad, I would encourage them to start by researching study abroad programs available to them. It is incredibly important to participate in a program that best suits them if they are to make the most out of their journey. Some important criteria to consider when choosing a study abroad program includes:

  • Be aware of cultural differences and language barriers of your destination.
  • Carefully consider the living accommodations available in that country (drinkable water, toilets, WiFi, etc) as well as where you will be staying during the trip (dorm, host family, etc).
  • Is the duration of the trip compatible with your academic schedule?
  • Are the courses you will be taking abroad of interest to you or beneficial to your desired career path?
  • What activities are there available for you to participate in during your free time?
  • Are you comfortable with the climate in your area of study and are you educated on that area’s natural threats?
  • Be aware of the program cost and the conversion rates between US currency and the country of study.

In regards to the final consideration listed above, I highly recommend every student considering studying abroad to apply to the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program. The application consists of supplying personal information, as well as two essays. The first essay is a Statement of Purpose, highlighting information about your chosen study abroad program, explaining your personal desire for studying abroad, and how the trip will benefit you.  The second essay is a proposal for a Follow-On Service Project, which is expected of every student who receives the Gilman Scholarship. The Follow-On Service Project is an assignment to be completed upon return the the US that promotes the Gilman Scholarship and helps other students to learn more about this incredible opportunity. To be eligible to receive the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, students must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be an undergraduate student at an accredited institution of higher learning in the US who is in good academic standing
  • Be receiving a Federal Pell Grant or proof that they will be receiving a Federal Pell Grant at the time of the study abroad program
  • Be in the process of applying or accepted to a study abroad program that offers academic credit at the student’s home institution
  • Be participating in a program that does not take place in a country under official Travel Warning by the US Department of State

For more information about the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program and applying, please feel free to contact me at or seek additional information and apply at

To check out all of the study abroad programs offered by the University of Delaware and find applications, please visit

Study Abroad Information

Did you know that you can study in Morocco, New Zealand, Dominica, India, Brazil, England, South Africa, or in a host of other countries while fulfilling your requirements towards graduation?  With over 70 programs in more than 35 subjects in over 30 countries, the University of Delaware has a program that suits your interests, schedule, and academic needs.  Take a minute to browse our website ( ), where you’ll find detailed information about all of our programs, as well as an on-line application.

While browsing, check out some of the newly-approved winter 2019 programs that enable students to fulfill University breadth requirements:  London ENGL/THEA, Italy PHIL, Hawaii BISC, Dominica GEOG, London COMM, India ENGL, Florence ART, and many more.  Semester programs in Barcelona, Sydney, London, Prague, and other locales, are slated for the fall and spring.

For students interested in a full immersion experience, exchange opportunities exist as well.  Be sure to check with your advisor to find out which programs would best meet your curricular needs. Come learn more about each individual program at an interest meeting.  Check our website for a full list of meeting dates, times, and places, with new ones to be added as the semester begins: .

**To learn more and meet program faculty directors, come to the Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, February 20, from 2:00 – 4:00 in the multi-purpose room of Trabant.**

ALL applicants will automatically be considered for need-based study abroad scholarships.  No extra application is necessary!

Want to learn more about how to finance study abroad?  Come to a financial aid information session on March 7 or 8  from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in 126 Memorial Hall.

Upcoming program application deadlines are as follows:

Fall Semester 2018:         5 p.m. February 15 and March 10

Winter Session 2019:      5 p.m. March 23, April 20, September 20 (check website for deadlines)

Spring Semester 2019:    5 p.m. September 20

If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by our office in Clayton Hall, drop us an e-mail (, or give us a call (302-831-2852).  If you want to meet with a study abroad adviser, come by during advising hours on Wednesdays from 1:00-3:00.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Institute for Global Studies


Study Abroad Winter 2018- Dominica

Study Abroad in Dominica in Winter 2018

In Winter 2018, Dr. Anthony Seraphin (MATH) and Dr. Steven Hastings (APEC) will be Co-directing a trip to Dominica, one of the most southern islands in the Caribbean. The courses that will be offered are GEOG 235 and APEC 150. If you have had either of these courses, a 3-credit  Independent Study  can be arranged. This trip is open to all majors.

This is the third Study Abroad trip to Dominica for Dr. Seraphin and second for Dr. Hastings. Dominica is tropical and a very nice place to visit in January!

Details, deadlines, interest meeting re the trip can be seen at The next Interest meeting is Monday, March 20 at 5:00 pm in Room 116, Gore Hall.

A blog, compiled by Dr. Hastings and the students,  detailing the 2012 trip can be seen at:

Questions: please contact Dr. Hastings ( or Dr. Seraphin (


Winter 2018 Study Abroad- New Zealand


Study Abroad January 2018

Interest  Meeting March 1,   4:30 room 049 TNS Hall

Study beef cattle, sheep, and dairy cattle, horses and sustainable farm management, and current issues facing agriculture and the environment.  New Zealand is a spectacular country full of beautiful scenery, friendly people and innovative farmers. New Zealand is also one of the most agriculturally diverse and efficient countries in the world. Students will also enjoy the natural beauty and animals (domestic and wild) of the Canterbury Plains, Southern Alps, glaciers, mountain lakes, and temperate rain forest.

Based at Lincoln University on the South Island of New Zealand, just outside of the city of Christchurch on the Canterbury Plains, you’ll meet farmers, entrepreneurs and agricultural professionals as you study current issues facing the agricultural industry and pastoral livestock production. In addition you will learn about the history and settlement of New Zealand, one of the younger countries of the world and Maori culture (the native Pacific Islanders of New Zealand) through excursions to historic stations, modern farms, the Canterbury Museum, and The International Antarctic Centre.

If you can’t attend and want to be included in our interest group on Sakai – email Dr. Griffiths: