Sustainable Food Production in New Zealand – Winter 2025

Sustainable Food Production in New Zealand is on for January 2025! Applications will open on February 25 – just 2 weeks from today.   Our focus is on sustainable production. On previous programs we have visited farms that produce beef, lamb, milk, Manuka honey, grapes/wine, vegetable seeds, berries, and crops, in addition to exploring conservation of native plants and habitat for native species, and the impacts of invasive species.

ALL CANR majors are welcome, and we have taken students from just about every major in the college and a few outside our college.

You can find more program information here:

We have a fairly a short turn-around time with applications due April 20, so we thought we’d better share some information about the interest meeting:

THIS WEEK on Thursday Feb 15th from 7:30 – 9 pm via ZOOM:

During the interest meeting, we explain everything from housing and food, to academics and cost. We do require that everyone that attends this ZOOM, has their cameras on. If your parents have questions, please send them the link so they can listen in.  We will try to remember to record the meeting but attending is MUCH preferred.

We look forward to seeing you at the interest meeting on Thursday and reading your applications on the 25th


Dr. Griffiths ( and Susan Garey (