Naomi Wachira

wachiraimege1This week on The Music Room, we talk to Naomi Wachira, an up-and-coming musician who had been voted Seattle’s Best Folk Singer by the publication Seattle Weekly. Naomi and had recently released her first full length self-titles album, following up on her 2012 EP African Girl.

Naomi names musicians like Miriam Makeba and Tracy Chapman as two of her musical influences. She also draws inspiration both from her homeland of Kenya and her life as a citizen of the Pacific Northwestern United States, bringing references to biblical figures, Kikuyu lyrics and socially aware, hopeful songwriting along with her style of playing the acoustic guitar to create a sound that is unique and delightful to listen to.

Over the course of the interview, we talk about Naomi’s past and her culture and how it influences her songwriting process, her distinctness as a musical citizen of the world, the joys and trials of attempting to start up a music career, and the lengths she has gone to achieve her dreams.

You can find out more by visiting Naomi’s website, which includes information about upcoming performances and her album.

The Interview

Naomi Wachira (Recorded 3/24/14; original broadcast date: 4/15/14; host: Mandorichard), 29:53, 28.7 MB.

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  • Naomi Wachira / You Better / Naomi Wachira / Self / 2014 / Excerpt
  • Naomi Wachira / African Girl / African Girl / Self / 2012
  • Naomi Wachira / I’m Alive / Naomi Wachira / Self / 2014
  • Naomi Wachira / I Know  / Naomi Wachira / Self / 2014