Darts, Dire Straits, and The Voice: Rebecca Loebe

This week on The Music Room, we spoke with Texas singer and songwriter Rebecca Loebe about her newest album, “Blink.” Rebecca was inspired by mix tapes and, oddly enough, the IRS while writing the album. Regarding mix tapes, Rebecca told us about how powerful she thinks songs can be, and that their ability to transport us to different periods of time in our lives. With the IRS, Rebecca discussed how distracting herself from  preparing for an audit motivated her to write many tracks on “Blink.”

Aside from the album, Rebecca also briefly discussed her time on NBC’s first season of The Voice. During the blind audition, her cover of “Come As You Are” landed her a spot on Adam Levine’s team. Although Rebecca did not win, her audition song remained one of the top-selling singles of that season and gained iTunes popularity worldwide.

The Interview

Rebecca Loebe hosted by Mandorichard. Recorded live on March 7th, 2017.
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About Our Guest

Rebecca Loebe is a Texas native singer and songwriter. Her music contains elements of pop, country, and swing. Rebecca graduated high school at the age of 16, and became the second youngest person in her class at Berklee College of Music. She graduated with a degree in audio engineering, but her passion was always performing. By only using five different instruments on her new album “Blink,” Rebecca wanted to see “what different pictures she could paint with the same five colors.” “Blink” was released on Feb. 3rd, 2017.

The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Rebecca Loebe Forever Young Forever Blink 2017
Rebecca Loebe Smoke Signals Blink 2017
Rebecca Loebe Blink Blink 2017

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Forever Changed: T. Graham Brown

On this episode of The Music Room, Nashville correspondent Raven Keane sits down with Grammy-nominated country legend, T. Graham Brown.

t. graham brown

T. Graham Brown

Brown started his career singing ad jingles, but before long, he was a fixture in the Nashville music scene. During a career spanning 30 years, he released 13 studio albums and three Billboard Number One singles. Now, he makes regular appearances on “The Grand Ole’ Opry,” “Larry’s Country Diner” and “Country’s Family Reunion.”

In this interview, Raven and T. Graham and his wife Sheila discuss his Grammy-nominated album, “Forever Changed.” He explains how the album came together, and how some of its special guests—like Vince Gill— became involved. T. Graham also talks about the album’s themes of faith, forgiveness and overcoming addiction.

In addition to talking about their music and their faith, in the second part of the interview, T. Graham and Sheila also talk about the battles facing people with mental illness.

Check out the two-part interview below to meet an original character and great musician: T. Graham Brown.

The Interview

T. Graham Brown, Part 1, Host: Raven Keane, recorded Dec. 10, 2015, aired Jan. 26, 2016

T. Graham Brown, Part 2, Host: Raven Keane, recorded Dec. 10, 2015, aired Feb. 2, 2016

The Music

Artist / Track / Album / Year

T. Graham Brown / Forever Changed / Forever Changed / 2015

T. Graham Brown featuring Leon Russell, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jason Crabb and Steve Cropper / People Get Ready / Forever Changed / 2015

T. Graham Brown featuring Vince Gill / He’ll Take Care of You / Forever Changed / 2015

T. Graham Brown / Wine into Water / Forever Changed / 2015

Fear No More: Joanne Cash Yates

Joanne Cash Yates and her husband, pastor Harry Yates.

Joanne Cash Yates and her husband, pastor Harry Yates.

WVUD is pleased to bring you a special two-part interview. On Oct. 8, 2015, our Nashville correspondent Raven Keane talked to the very talented Joanne Cash Yates. Yates is an accomplished a singer-songwriter, and musical brilliance runs in her DNA—she’s the younger sister of legend Johnny Cash.

Her most recent CD, Breaking Down the Barriers, consists of 14 Gospel duets, including, as she tells us in part 1 of the interview, a song whose lyrics were the last song her brother John wrote.

Joanne Yates has released 30 albums and an acclaimed autobiography, titled My Fears Are Gone. Additionally, she continues to make frequent concert appearances. With Raven, Yates discusses the sense of eternal purpose that compels her to keep making Gospel music, distilled in one of Johnny’s favorite mantras: “Baby, just keep singing!”

If you missed the interview airing on WVUD, check out the podcasts below for some fascinating insight into the Cash family and Joanne’s spiritual journey as a singer and songwriter.

The Interview

Joanne Cash Yates, Part 1; Raven Keane, host, first aired Oct. 20, 2015.
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Joanne Cash Yates, Part 2; Raven Keane, host, first aired Oct. 27, 2015.
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The Music

Due to copyright considerations, the podcasts include excerpts of the full tracks heard in the radio broadcast of this interview.

Part One:
Artist / Song / Album / Year
Joanne Cash with Tommy Cash / My Lord Has Gone / Breaking Down the Barriers / 2014
Joanne Cash with Roseanne Cash / Anchored in Love / Breaking Down the Barriers / 2014
Joanne Cash / Meet Me in Heaven / Into the Blue / 2000

Part Two:
Artist / Song / Album / Year
Joanne Cash with John Schlitt / Dust in the Wind / Breaking Down the Barriers / 2014
Joanne Cash / Breaking Down the Barriers / Breaking Down the Barriers / 2014