New folk records

There was no guest on Tu May 9, 2017’s The Music Room. So we played new records. The Music Room airs every Tuesday, 6:30 – 7:00 p.m. on WVUD, 91.3 FM, Newark DE (University of Delaware) and streams live on ShoutCast and TuneIn. Playlist below:

Artist / Song / Disk / Disk Released

Mélisande [électrotrad] / Je suis née en automne / Les millésimes / 2017

Harpeth Rising / Shades of Orange / Against All Tides / 2017

Hanneke Cassel / Conchas Chinas, Walks with Yih Wen, Simon Desilets of St. Louis, Trip to Walden Pond / 2017

Andrew Vogts / Sadie at the Back Door / Sasquatch with an Alien on It’s Head / 2017

The Bucking Mules / Smoke Behind the Clouds / Smoke Behind the Clouds / 2017

Noam Pikelny / My Tears Don’t Show / Universal Favorite / 2017

Laura Cortese: Fiddling everywhere

150930_0Mandorichard had a great time chatting with singer, songwriter, and fiddler Laura Cortese, on Sept. 6, 2016. Laura studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and has since submerged herself in the city’s indie music scene. Her vocals and fiddle have been notably featured on numerous albums, but her most recent work, All In Always, is something she is incredibly proud of. She explains to Mandorichard how she was inspired by other artists and their shared appetite for melody–no matter what country they live in. Laura loves being drawn-in instrumentally by other artists and these moments of inspiration lead to some amazing cross-cultural collaboration on her album.

It was interesting to hear Laura talk about her previous works, her initial desire to be a performer, and her hopes for the future. Right now she is running a “pledge music” campaign with her band “Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards” so that fans can contribute to and be a part of the making of their upcoming album.

For more information on Laura and her most recent projects check-out the podcast!

The Interview

Laura Cortese hosted by Mandorichard. Recorded live on Sept. 6, 2016.
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The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Laura Cortese  I Am The House  Into The Dark 2013
Laura Cortese  Mångatskrinna  All in Always  2015
Laura Cortese California Is Calling
(Podcast contains an excerpt.)
Forthcoming album


Rose Baldino: New Traditions

Rose Baldino

Rose Baldino

Rose Baldino is on fire: Not only is she an earth-scorching fiddler, but she is the leader of Burning Bridget Cleary, a Celtic band named for “the last witch burned in Ireland.” Rose and her band create traditional music, but their influences are not limited to Irish folk. Burning Bridget Cleary fuses their Celtic tunes with aspects of American traditional music, as well as the inclusion of a djembe, an African drum.  On top of their tight harmonies and fantastic fiddling, Burning Bridget Cleary is also known for their boundless, high-flying energy.

In this episode of The Music Room, you’ll hear Rose share the tragic story of Bridget Cleary, discuss the state of modern folk music, and share some of her music.

The Interview

Rose Baldino of Burning Bridget Cleary
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Year

Burning Bridget Cleary / Rolling Hills, Jester, Phoenix / Everything is Alright / 2008

Burning Bridget Cleary / Pressed for Time, Bonnie Mulligan / Pressed for Time / 2013

Burning Bridget Cleary / Another Day / Single / 2014