Stuart & Beazley: Tasty California bluegrass

Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley, courtesy Winter Village Bluegrass Festival
Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley are two folks who don’t make it to the East Coast of the USA all that often. It was a treat to hear them–and to catch up to them for a chat–at the 2013 Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival on August 31.

Chris plays guitar and frails the old-time banjo; Janet plays a variety of whistles and flutes and excels on the bluegrass banjo. They both are excellent songwriters, collaborating with each other and with many others. In addition, they both do a lot of teaching–Janet is in high demand for teaching at banjo camps all across the US (Germany, too!), Chris is a willing mentor to many a song-writer, and the two of them do a terrific job teaching harmony singing. In addition, Chris just co-produced the 2013 IBMA awards show on September 26, 2013.

We had a lot of fun visiting, talking about Janet’s teaching, the songs they write, the music they make, and the country and bluegrass music world in general. But most of all, we think you’ll like their music.

The interview

Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley (Recorded 8/31/13; original broadcast date: 10/22/13. Host: Mandorichard). 28:11. 27.1 MB.

The music

The following music appeared on this episode of The Music Room:

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  • Chris Stuart and Backcountry / Don’t Throw Mama’s Flowers Away / Mojave River / Backcountry / 2004
  • Chris Stuart and Backcountry / Rider on this Train / Mojave River / Backcountry / 2004
  • Chris Stuart and Backcountry / Twenty Naked Pentecostals in a Pontiac / Saints and Strangers / Backcountry / 2003
  • Janet Beazley / Run Away Sally Ann / 2013 Midwest Banjo Camp Faculty Concert / via YouTube / 2013
  • Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass / Road Into Town / Road Into Town / Patuxnet Music / 2012
  • Chris Stuart and Backcountry / Silver Quarter / Saints and Strangers / Backcountry / 2003