Aday: An expression somewhat equivalent to “hey” in English

Aiyo: An expression used to convey many things, such as pain, sympathy, annoyance, etc.

Akka: Older sister

Almariah: Wardrobe

Araliya: Frangipani

Baba: Child; a term used by servants to address the children they look after

Banyan: Undershirt, jersey

Buddu Ammo: Expression of consternation; literally means Mother of Buddha

Burgher: A descendant of the Portuguese or Dutch colonizers

Karapi: Derogatory word for someone who is dark skinned

Karaya: Vendor

Lamprais: Special preparation of rice and curry that is baked in a banana leaf

Machan: Literally means brother-in-law; is used as a term of affection between male friends

Maldive fish: A dry, salted fish

Manipuri: A rich, embroidered sari material from Manipur in India

Miris gala: Grinding stone used for chiles and spices

Missie: Madam

Mol gaha: Large pestle

Mudalali: Merchant

Mukkuthi: Nose ring

Pala harams: Sweets and snacks that are prepared for festive occasions

Palam: Ice popsicle

Palu: The part of the sari that falls over the shoulder

Pittu: Dish made out of rice flower and coconut, steamed in the hollow of a bamboo shoot

Pooja: An offering to a god

Pottu: Dot worn on the forehead by Tamil women

Stringhoppers: Dish made out of rise flour dough which has been pushed through a sieve, then formed into little circles resembling lace doilies, then steamed

Tabla: Hand drums

Takaran: Halvanized sheets of iron

Thali: Necklace given to a woman by her husband when they are married and removed only when she becomes a widow

Thatha: Father

Vambam: Rascal

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