What is the GSG?

According to the Graduate Student Government (GSG) constitution, our duty as an organization is to “create a forum for graduate student advocacy while acting as a conduit between students, faculty, and administration at the University.” To do that, we rely on the robust participation of the graduate student community. The GSG is made up of two parts: first, the senate, which is made up of senator representatives from each graduate program at the university. The senate votes on legislation and steers the committees that guide GSG activity. The second part of the GSG, the executive board, takes responsibility for organizing meetings and executing legislation passed by the senate.

Getting Involved as a GSG Senator

Becoming a representative of your department as a GSG Senator is an excellent way to make the needs of graduate students in your department known to the wider graduate student community. GSG senators draft the legislation that becomes GSG resolutions, facilitate communication between the GSG and the departments they represent, plan social activities and other events designed to serve the graduate community, and represent the interests of graduate students on other university committees (like the Faculty Senate).

Senator responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend GSG monthly public meetings, which are approximately two hours. These meetings consist of:
    • Presentations from invited speakers relevant to the graduate student body
    • Being briefed with reports from GSG and University Committees
    • An Open Floor to discuss topics relevant to graduate students
    • A Senate Floor, for debating and voting on legislation
  • Serve on at least one GSG Committee, which meet monthly for approximately one hour. The GSG currently has committees addressing each of the following concerns:
    • Student Life
    • Diversity & Inclusion
    • Mental Health support and services
    • Sustainability efforts
    • Communication between the GSG and the student body
    • Planning social events to foster the growth of the broader graduate student community
    • Planning the GSG’s marquee events, the Graduate Student Research Forum and the Graduate Student Gala
  • Forwarding any information that the GSG sends you to your department/program
  • Bringing any concerns from the students in your department to the GSG/program
  • Attend/volunteer at major GSG events (such as new student orientation or the Graduate Student Research Forum)

How do I become a GSG Senator?

GSG Senators are elected each March in departmental elections that are coordinated by the GSG executive board. Nominations are accepted online here, and self-nominations are accepted. Following the nomination deadline, department polls remain open for one week. All graduate students in the respective departments are eligible to vote in these elections, and results are announced following the closure of the polls.

The nomination form is closed for submissions.