Our Mission

The Graduate Student Government seeks to create a forum for graduate student advocacy while facilitating communication between students, faculty, and administration at the University of Delaware. The GSG supports campus-wide activities facilitating the graduate student professionalism and collegiality. In addition, the GSG seeks to influence the course of the University (1) through representation on university committees, (2) by expressing the views of the student body to the administration, and (3) by issuing statements of our position to the administration and media.

Our Logo

Each college is represented by a column. The triangular base and capital represent advocacy. Mirroring the shape of a speaker, these represent GSG listening to each school’s concerns and in turn voicing them to the greater UD population. Serving a dual purpose, this shape also represents classical Greek architecture, showing the strength of each individual college. The woven pattern shows the community between graduate students in each college, overlapping one another to create a strong fabric of graduate studies.

The negative space between each column creates double ended arrows, looking back at where graduate studies started and ahead to the future. The dark blue box containing the woven pattern represents the graduate college, housing all of the graduate studies.