The Graduate Student Government (GSG) serves all students enrolled in graduate programs across the University of Delaware

The GSG consists of a Senate and an Executive Council. The Senate is a legislative body made up of representatives from each eligible graduate program at the University. It hosts various committees which organize events, explore issues facing graduate students, and propose legislation. The GSG Executive Council takes responsibility for organizing meetings and working with university administration to implement legislation passed by the Senate.

Every graduate student is represented in GSG by an elected senator from their academic program, and every graduate student is welcome to participate in all GSG meetings and events. In fact, every graduate student is already a member of GSG!

We encourage you to attend any of our meetings, get involved with planning or advocacy on one of GSG’s committees, or run for election as a senator, officer, or Graduate College Council representative. 


Public Meetings

For Spring 2024, our Public Meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of every month from 7 to 9 pm. The meeting will be a hybrid format (virtual and in the Graduate Student Lounge in Perkins). If you have any questions, please contact GSG President Alan Parkes (aparkes@udel.edu).