The Graduate Student Government (GSG) serves all students enrolled in graduate programs across the University of Delaware (UD). We offer academic, professional, and social programming for all graduate students, and are supported in our activities by the Graduate College. Every graduate student is represented in the GSG by an elected senator from their academic program, and every graduate student is welcome to participate in all GSG meetings and events. In fact, every graduate student is already a member of GSG! We encourage you to attend any of our meetings, get involved with program planning or advocacy on one of the GSG’s committees, or run for election as a senator, officer, or Graduate College Council representative.

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GSG’s Response to the Violence of the Atlanta Shooting on Tuesday, March 16

We are incredibly saddened and deeply disturbed by the fatal shooting in three Atlanta spas on Tuesday evening, which resulted in the death of eight people. Six of these victims were women of Asian descent; authorities are working to discern whether this was a racially-motivated hate crime. 

The victims are Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, Delaina Ashley Yaun, Paul Andre Michels, Hyun Jung  Grant, Soon Chung Park, Suncha Kim, and Yong Ae Yue. Elcias R Hernandez-Ortiz remains in critical condition.

We are continuously devastated by the prevalence of gun-related violence in our country and victimization of our neighbors, especially those in communities of color. In the wake of COVID-19, Asian American, Pacific Islander and East Asian communities have seen increased incidences of discrimination and racially-motivated violence, and we strongly condemn these acts of inhumanity. Neither can we overlook that this was a misogynistic crime. This is devastating at any point in the year, but especially during Women’s History Month. We are committed to standing for gender equality and send our deepest sympathies to those who lost their mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends during this tragedy.

We want to assure UD graduate students from all communities that the Graduate Student Government (GSG) stands with you and will support and advocate for you. We also encourage all graduate students to look out for one another, show empathy, and act as vigilant, active bystanders in the event of discrimination.

If at any point, you experience harassment or discrimination of any kind, please file a report with The Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OIEDI). If you are feeling anxious and need to talk, you can reach out to any of the members of the GSG Executive Council or the GSG Diversity Committee. We will ensure that your grievances and concerns are brought to the notice of the appropriate campus organizations in the appropriate manner. You can reach us via email (udgsg.members@gmail.com) or Slack

In addition to the OIEDI, international students can reach out to the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) for support.

Supporting and protecting those within communities of color means taking action and standing up to those who racially attack or harass individuals. We recognize that being actively anti-racist includes a bystander intervention approach. For those who witness such harmful acts, whether in the form of microaggressions or other harassment, when possible, taking action early – before a situation escalates – can be effective and safer for everyone involved. Please learn more about UD’s Bringing in the Bystander program here.

We are here for you. We are with you, always.


Be sure to join us for the next GSG Public Meeting of the semester on Tuesday, April 13 at 7pm at bit.ly/gsgmeeting2020.