The GSG offers a number of opportunities for student advocacy and programming through the use of committees.  Each committee is unique and specific to attaining student advocacy goals.  Please take a look at our list of committees and if you are interesting in joining, please contact the designated chairperson or GSG President, Chris Castillo.

The committees are divided into two categories:

1. Internal committees: Internal Affairs, Student Affairs
2. Senate & External Committees: Governance, Elections, LGBTQ (ad hoc), Newark City Council and Others (may or may not have permanent GSG representation)

Internal Affairs Committees

Joseph Brodie   |   Vice President for Internal Affairs   |

Plans, organizes, and runs the major GSG Fall and Spring events, such as the Graduate Student Gala and Graduate Research Forum.
Chairperson: Andrea Drewes (

Develops event advertisements and organizational branding, operates the website, manages the Facebook and Twitter pages, and photographs events.
Chairperson: Stephanie Luff (

Provides graduate students with a sense of community through organizing social events where networking and socializing among all graduate students from across campus is possible.
Co-Chairperson: Katie Bonanno (
Co-Chairperson: Vishnu Vardhan Chittamuru (

Student Affairs Committees

Laura Welti   |   VP of Student Affairs   |

Works to make sure that the needs and concerns of all groups on campus are being met by the policies and programs of the University, and advocates for diversity in demography and in ideas across the University.
Chairperson: Holly Johnson (Walker) (

Student Life
Deals with issues involving graduate student life that are not already dealt with in other Senate committees.
Co-Chairperson: Sohpie Guderian (
Co-Chairperson: Xunyi Xie (

Dedicated to improving recycling and sustainability initiatives at UD.
Co-Chairperson: Frances Bothfeld (
Co-Chairperson: Nick Kaufman (

Senate & External Committees

Responsible for all matters concerning the internal structure, and policies and procedures of the Senate.
Chairperson: Isaac Harris (

Elections Committee
Responsible for preparing election rules and coordinating annual Officer and Senator elections.
Chairpersons: Amanda Hughey (

LGBTQ ad hoc Committee  (Prism)
Charged with supporting and fostering the graduate LGBTQ community at the University of Delaware and partnering with and aiding other organizations that share mutual goals.
Chairperson: Meg Hutchins (

The following external committees are not GSG committees; instead, they are University and Community based committees in which we have graduate student representation.

Newark City Council
The City of Newark’s mission is to provide well-managed and cost-effective services to our customers, both internal and external, with an emphasis on quality, value, and responsibility.
GSG Representative: Stephanie Luff (

Other Committees with which the GSG has Representation

Faculty Senate
The University Faculty Senate acts for the entire faculty in coordinating faculty governance at the University of Delaware and in exercising the faculty responsibility for the education and care of students.
GSG Representative:  Chris Castillo ( and Cesar Caro (

Academic Appeals
This committee shall have the sole purpose of serving at Step 4 of the Student Grievance Procedure in reviewing cases appealed to it, determining whether or not a hearing is appropriate, conducting such hearings, and rendering a decision.
GSG Representative:  Cesar Caro ( and Amanda Hughey (

Coordinating Committee on Education
This committee shall be a continuing center for overviewing the broad educational affairs of the University; for providing a large context for the examination and preparation of educational proposals; and for providing liaison and coordination among the following enumerated educational committees.
GSG Representative:  Keira Zhang (

Cultural Activities and Public Events
It should be the objective of the Cultural Activities and Public Events Committee to foster, encourage and coordinate throughout the University programs of local, national, and world significance that illuminate, explain, articulate, or are a creative part of the cultures of mankind.
GSG Representative:  Xinlei Wang (

College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Senate
The Faculty Senate of the College of Arts and Sciences is a democratic forum responsible for the creation and review of policies concerning curriculum, promotion and tenure, and student academic issues.
GSG Representative:  Stephanie Luff (

General Education Committee
This committee shall recommend academic policies and standards for the General Education Program.
GSG Representative:  Hadi Al-khateeb (

Graduate Studies
This committee shall review and consider matters relating to graduate education, and shall receive and may stimulate and originate proposals for its development.
GSG Representative:  Chris Castillo ( and Jane Wessel (

Instructional, Computing, and Research Support
This committee will advise the Senate on policies, practices and needs for educational resource facilities and computer facilities.
GSG Representative: TBD

International Studies
The Committee on International Studies shall coordinate, facilitate, stimulate, and encourage international study.
GSG Representative:¬† Mengjiao “Sherry” (

This committee shall serve as a focus for advising the Director and the faculty or its Senate as to policies and practices regarding the University libraries.
GSG Representative:  Alexander Ames (

Parking Appeals Board
This board grants or denies appeals of parking violation penalties submitted to the Parking Services Office in accordance with procedures and based on evidence.
GSG Representative:  Joseph Brodie (

Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee
This committee helps to craft future parking and transportation policies.
GSG Representative:  Joseph Brodie (

Student and Faculty Honors
This committee shall recommend the policies governing the granting of student honors, and shall administer such policies as are adopted by the faculty or its Senate, and approved by the Board of Trustees.
GSG Representative: TBD

Diversity and Affirmative Action
This Committee shall review all University policies and practices pertaining to diversity and affirmative action in the recruiting and retaining of students, staff and faculty.
GSG Representative:  Roddel Remy (

Student Life
This committee shall formulate rules and regulations bearing upon the care, control, and government of students, and except where otherwise delegated, upon student extra-course activities.
GSG Representative:  Akisha Jones (