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Getting answers to your questions and concerns about school

There are several ways to contact your child’s teacher if you have a question or a problem:

  • Email your child’s teacher. Email addresses can be found on school websites.
  • Send a note with your child. You can ask a friend to write a note for you about your questions.
  • Call the office and ask for the teacher’s voicemail.

Parent/teacher conferences

  • You can make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher.
  • There are also conferences two times each year.
  • If you want a translator for a meeting, the school can get one for you.
  • Parents are always welcome to help with their child’s education as much as possible.


When your child is not in school, please write a note that gives the reason for the absence. Send the note when your child returns (put it in the school folder).

Leaving Early
(Early dismissal)

If your child must leave school early, send a note in the folder before that early dismissal. Teachers must know when your child is leaving before you pick them up.

If your child is sick

If your child is ill with a fever, flu, pink-eye, or other contagious disease, they cannot come to school. The nurse will call you to pick them up if they arrive to school sick. Children must stay home for 24 hours after the fever stops, or until the doctor tells you.