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Health care systems in a new country can be very confusing. We hope that this information will help you to find help for yourself and for your family when needed:

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Keeping your — and your children’s — teeth healthy is important.
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If you are expecting a baby, you need special maternity care.
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Medical care is very expensive in the U.S.
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Medical Emergencies

If your child is very sick or hurt very badly and it is an emergency, take your phone and dial 911 to call for an ambulance to take you to a local hospital.


If your child is sick and it is not an emergency, call your doctor to make an appointment. If you do not have a doctor or if the doctor’s office is closed, go to a Medical Aid Unit.

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Regular Doctor Visits

It is important for children to visit a doctor every year. We call this visit a “well child visit,” a “physical,” or a “check-up.” This is a basic visit so that the doctor can make sure that your child is healthy and can give you advice to keep your child healthy.

A pediatrician is a children’s doctor. A family doctor is for both children and adults.


Finding a doctor

Insurance. Insurance is important. Most insurance companies only pay for specific doctors. You must learn which doctors your insurance plan will pay for before going to a doctor. Check the website of your insurance company for this information. You should find a doctor soon after you arrive in order to meet your family’s health needs so that you know where to go in an emergency.

What to bring to the doctor's office

  • Bring your insurance card/papers when you go to the doctor.
  • Bring information about your child’s health history and any medications that your child is taking (in English).

While you are at the doctor’s office, you should find out which insurance claims documents you will need to submit in order to pay for the doctor.


  • Allow enough time for a healthy breakfast before school
  • Three nutritious meals each day
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  • Healthy snacks: Avoid candy except on special occasions
  • Brush teeth after each meal, at least 2 times a day
  • Plenty of outside play time during the day
  • Help your children with homework
  • Avoid too much TV
  • Avoid too much time playing video games
  • A “well child” doctor appointment every year
  • A dentist check-up appointment every six months
  • Have a regular bedtime routine: Most young children go to bed by 8-8:30 p.m. They need 10-12 hours of sleep.
    Research shows that children who get enough sleep each night, and have a regular bedtime routine, stay healthy and do better in school.
  • Note: Most American parents do not allow young children to drink coffee.