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Check with your child’s school to see what your child needs to bring to school.

Please tell your child to leave toys at home.


Children should wear:

  • Comfortable play clothes.
  • Sneakers or shoes with rubber soles. During nice weather, children go outside everyday. No sandals, flip flops, or shoes with high-heels.
  • A raincoat,  winter coat, hat and gloves, when it is cold or rainy.
  • Young children need an extra set of clothes and a towel.

Put your child’s name on everything he/she brings to school.

Name Tags

During the first week of school, your child should have a name tag with:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Parents ’ names
  • Cell phone number
  • Bus  number


Your child needs a large backpack to carry class work and school notices. Check your child’s backpack everyday for important information from the teacher.  No book bags with wheels are allowed.


Check your child’s school folder every day.


Communication with the teacher is very important. A Home/School Communication Folder will come home every day. Important school information is in this folder. Your child’s homework will also be in this folder. Check the folder every night. Return the folder to school every day.

Class field trips/permission slips

Sometimes your child’s class may go on a field trip. Permission slips will be sent home before each trip. Fill out the permission slip and send the required money with it in the school folder before the deadline. If you cannot afford to pay for the field trip, you can apply for the money from the school’s parent/teacher association (PTA). Let your child’s teacher know.

Tips for Helping your child do homework

  • No TV
  • The radio/music is ok.
  • Do homework at the same time every day.
  • Create a good place to work.
  • Do not do your child’s homework for him. If it is too hard, write a note to the teacher.

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