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Since ELI classes happen during the daytime, many ELI students take their children to day care so that they have a safe and educational place to stay during the day.

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How to choose a daycare center

Choosing a day care center is a big decision. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Is it close to home or classes?
  • How many children in each group?
  • What is the child/teacher ratio?
  • What is the teaching/childcare philosophy?
  • What is the training/experience of the teachers?
  • What are the hours and attendance policies?
  • What is your policy on caring for sick children?
  • What are the activities?
  • What are the fees?
  • Do I have to pay when my child is away on vacation?

Visit the center with your child.

For more tips, visit the Zero to Three website.

Parent Resources

Raising Young Children in a New Country
English (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)
Arabic (pdf)

Raising Young Children in an New Country: Supporting Early Learning and Healthy Development
English (pdf)
Spanish (pdf)
Arabic (pdf)

Childcare Parent Resource Packet from CFF (pdf)

Day care centers

Here are some of the day care centers in the area that are sometimes used by ELI parents.

Note: the ELI does not endorse any day care center; parents are advised to visit and research day care centers before enrolling their children.

Willa Road Children’s Center

420 Willa Road, Newark  |  +1 (302) 738-2008

Casho Mill KinderCare

1520 Casho Mill Road, Newark  |  +1 (302) 738-5953

Tarbiyah School and Daycare, Masjid Isa

706 S. Old Baltimore Pike | (302) 533-8114

Newark Day Nursery

921 Barksdale Road, Newark  |  (302) 731-4925

Blossom and Bloom Early Learning Center

1933 Kirkwood Highway, Unit C   |  (302) 294-6451

Newark Christian Childcare

680 South Chapel Street, Newark  |  +1 (302) 369-3000
(Students and families are not required to be Christian in order to enroll)

University of Delaware Early Learning Center

489 Wyoming Road, Newark  |  +1 (302) 831-6205

Christina Early Education Center

620 East Chestnut Hill Road, Newark, DE 19713 | +1 (302) 454-2720

Bear Early Education Center

2884 Summit Bridge Rd, Bear, DE 19701 | +1 (302) 836-5000

ABC Kids Academy

1098 Elkton Rd., Newark, DE 19711 | +1 (302) 366-8537

Paxson Lane Kindercare

100 Paxson Dr., Newark, DE 19702 | +1 (302) 834-6931

Kiddie Academy of Elkton MD

100 Kiddie Ln, Elkton, MD 21921 | +1 (410) 398-1110

What does your child need at daycare?

There are many important things to consider as you prepare your child for day care.


Name tag

The first week in day care, your child should have a name tag with:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Parents’ names
  • Parents’ cell phone number

This will help the day care staff to learn who your child is, who you are, and how to reach you easily.

Emergency contact information

Schools and daycare centers must be able to reach you in an emergency. Give the school the cell phone number where you can be reached during the day, so they can call you if your child gets sick or hurt.
If your cell number changes, remember to give the new number to the school immediately.

Clothes and coats

Children should wear:

  • Comfortable play clothes
  • Sneakers or shoes with rubber soles
    During nice weather, children go outside everyday.
    No sandals, flip flops, or shoes with high-heels
  • A raincoat or winter coat, hat and gloves, when it is rainy or cold
  • Young children need an extra set of clothes and a towel.

Write your child’s name on everything they bring to school.

Food choices

If your child does not eat some foods because of allergies or religious reasons, please send a note telling which foods your child should not eat. This information will go into your child’s file so that lunch helpers can help your child with what to eat.

Learn more about shopping for food in Newark >

Please see the resources below for some meal-related resources: