Dental Care

Tips for helping your children to have healthy teeth

  • Teach your child how to brush and floss teeth daily.
  • Avoid too much candy. Save candy for special times.
  • Baby teeth are important! Healthy baby teeth = healthy adult teeth.
  • American children go to the dentist every 6 months starting at 2 years old.

Find a dentist

Click here to find a nearby dentist or dental clinic.

Some suggested dentists are:

  • Name: David J. Gaz, DMD
    Address: 715 Nottingham RoadNewark, DE 19711
    Telephone:  302-525-6456
  • Name: Jeffrey J. Stout, DDS
    Address: 344 E. Main StreetNewark, DE 19711
    Telephone:    302-737-5170
    Fax:    302-737-3142


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