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Public schools are free for all children.

Public school begins with kindergarten and goes until 12th grade.

To enter kindergarten, the child must be 5 years old before August 31 (Delaware) or September 1 (Maryland).

Children who do not speak English as a first language receive support in learning English.

Public schools are organized by district. A district is in charge of a group of schools in a particular area. If you live in a certain district, your children must attend school in that district.

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  • Go to the correct school for your area in order to register your child.
  • Bring the required documents. (See below)


To register your child in school, you must have the following documents:

  1. An official birth certificate
  2. Medical records showing immunizations. To know which vaccines your child needs, please call the Immunizations Hotline 1-800-282-8672. Delaware Student Health Form
  3. Proof of residence. A bill dated within the last 60 days, showing names and address of parents.
  4. Picture ID of the parent
  5. Any school records from your child’s old school
  6. Registration form. Download these forms

Immersion Programs

If your young child speaks Spanish, Wilson Elementary and Las Americas ASPIRA Academy have Spanish bilingual programs. Downes has a Chinese immersion program.

See the websites of these Christina School District schools:

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Schools and daycare centers must be able to reach you in an emergency. Give the school your cell phone number where you can be reached during the day, so they can call you if your child gets sick or hurt. If your cell number changes, tell the school right away.