11th Frontiers in Chemistry & Biology Interface Symposium
Saturday, May 5th at the University of Pennsylvania
The 11th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry & Biology Interface symposium  will be held on Saturday, May 5th at the University of Pennsylvania Translational Research Center, located at 3400 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104.
Keynote Speaker: Laura Kiessling
The abstract submission form can be found here. The submission deadline is April 6th!
The registration form for this event can be found here. Please register by April 20th!


FCBIS 2018

8:30-8:55:            Registration, Breakfast, Poster Setup

9:00-9:05:            Introductory Remarks

9:05-10:15:          Session I (Chair, Kathy Liu, University of Pennsylvania)

9:05-9:25:            Peter Nemes                       (Associate Professor, University of Maryland – College Park)
      “Ultrasensitive mass spectrometry uncovers metabolic cell heterogeneity in the early frog embryo”

9:25-9:45:            Liliya Yatsunyk                    (Associate Professor, Swarthmore College)
     “Structural studies of CAGAGG repeats from difficult-to-replicate regions of the mammalian genome”

9:45-10:00:          Michael Wilhelm                 (Assistant Professor, Temple University)
     “Mapping regional-specific molecular diffusion across membranes in living cells with time-resolved second-harmonic generation microscopy”

10:00-10:15:        Jonathan Shrimp                (Selected from Abstracts, Postdoctoral Fellow, NCI/NIH)
     “CRISPR-Cas9 Reporter to Study Cellular Occupancy of KAT Inhibitors” 

10:15-11:35:       Poster Session I (ODD Numbered Posters)

11:35-12:50:       Session II (Chair, Jordan Meier, NCI/NIH)

11:35-11:55:       Anthony Leung                  (Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins University)
     “Novel Tools to Explore ADP-ribosylation Biology”

11:55-12:15:       Ramona Neunuebel          (Assistant Professor, University of Delware)
     “Intracellular Pathogen Survival: Hacking Into Host Vesicular Transport Pathways”

12:15-12:35:       Elizabeth Rhoades             (Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania)
     “a-Synuclein is a neuron-specific lectin?”

12:35-12:50:       Douglas Cohen           (Selected from Abstracts, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University)
     “Characterization of an anthracene intermediate in dynemicin biosynthesis”

1:00-1:45:           Lunch/Career Panel

1:50-3:00:           Session III (Chair, Ross Wang, Temple University)

1:50-2:10:            Jay Schneekloth                 (Principal Investigator, NCI/NIH)
     “Targeting Structurally and Functionally Diverse Nucleic Acids with Druglike Small Molecules”

2:10-2:30:            Minjoung Kyoung             (Assistant Professor, University of Maryland – BC)
     “4D characterization of spatiofunctional enzyme assemblies in live cells”

2:30-2:45:            Heather Neu                      (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Maryland – Pharmacy)
     “The Elusive Labile Iron: Bioanalytical Techniques to Measure Iron Speciation in Human Plasma”

2:45-3:00:            Samuel Scinto            (Selected from Abstracts, Graduate Student, University of Delaware)
     “Dual-Reactivity trans-Cyclooctenol Probes for Sulfenylation in Live Cells Enable Temporal Control via Bioorthogonal Quenching”

3:00-4:20:           Poster Session II (EVEN Numbered Posters)

4:20-5:10:           Session IV (Chair, Megan Matthews, University of Pennsylvania)

4:25-5:10:           Laura Kiessling                  (Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
     “Glycans in Health and Disease”

5:10-5:15:           Final Remarks and Poster Awards

5:15-6:00:           Social Hour

Past FCBIS Symposia:
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2009, Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County
2010, Johns Hopkins Univ.
2011, Univ. of Delaware
2012, Univ. of Pennsylvania
2013, Univ. of Maryland College Park
2014, Univ. of Maryland School of Pharmacy
2015, Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County
2016, Johns Hopkins University

2017, University of Delaware

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