Helen Hay Whitney Foundation & Princeton Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University

Nate Hamaker, PhD is a 

Victoria Hunt, Phd is Scientist 1, Translational Science at Taysha Gene Therapies




Kristen DeMeester, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow in The Cravatt Lab at Scripps Research.


Walter Drake, PhD is a postdoctoral fellow in the Vann lab at the FDA.


Colleen Fridley, MS is an Associate Scientist at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

Matthew Fritz ,PhD is a Process Engineer at Intel Corporation.



Maggie Chen, PhD is in Analytical Development | Experience in both small & biological macro-molecule characterizations, with Wilmington PharmaTech Company LLC.

Karl Franke, PhD
is a Postdoc in Bioinformatics at Nemours Health Systems.

Devin Hudson, PhD
is a Scientist at PMC Advanced Technology, LLC

Matthew Jensen, MS
is a Science Teacher at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore Maryland.

Christopher Long, PhD is an Organism Engineer & Systems Biologist at Ginkgo Bioworks.


Nathan McDonald, PhD is a Research Microbiologist and Fellow at the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.


Christine Ott, PhD
is a Research Scientist in the Ocular Research Group at Spark Therapeutics, Inc.



Jenna Deibert, MS is a Quality Engineer at W.L. Gore.

Nikodimos Gebreselassie, PhD is a Senior Scientist at Merck.


McKenzie Lauro, PhD is a Senior Scientist at Merck.


Erik Munsell, PhD is a Senior Scientist at Merck.


Amy (Schaefer) Crossan, PhD is a Senior Biochemist at Siemens Healthineers.


Morgan Urello, PhD is a Postdoctoral Researcher at AstraZeneca.


Yiben Wang, PhD is an Assistant Lecturer at the University of New England.



Robert Panish, PhD is a Scientist, Discovery Process Research at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

Matthew Rehmann, PhD is a Scientist at Bristol-Myers Squibb.


Kevin Cannon received his Master of Science at University of Delaware and PhD from Dartmouth University.

Kyle Doolan, PhD is a Project Leader in Molecular Biology at Integral Molecular.

Brandy Menges, PhD is a Senior Medical Writer at Fishawack Group of Companies.

Natalee Smith, PhD is a Senior Associate Scientist in Technical Product Management at Covestro.


Benjamin Israel, PhD is a Staff Technical Team Lead at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

Eric Levenson, PhD is a Staff Fellow at FDA/CBER – Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

Nick Levy, PhD is a Senior Scientist at Janssen.

Jean-Bernard Lubin, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow in PennCHOP Microbiome program.

Sara Martin, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at The College of Wooster.


Jennifer Codding-Bui, PhD is a Field Application Scientist at ForteBio.

Scott Crown, PhD is an Associate in Research at Duke University.

Abby Manthey, PhD is Editor at City University of Hong Kong.

Stephanie Ramadan, PhD is a Research Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar.

Stephanie Scott, PhD is an Biology Instructor at Padua Academy.

Shawn Thatcher, PhD is a Research Scientist at DuPont Pioneer.

Matthew Weitzman, PhD is a National Applications Specialist- Confocal and Multiphoton Systems at Olympus Scientific Solutions.


Dan Hess received his Masters of Science in Biochemistry and is a Distillation Chemist at Brite Labs.

Kwame Heyward received His Master of Science and is a Process Engineer at Jacobs Engineering.

Elizabeth Monillas, PhD works at NAVAIR (Naval Air System Command)

Michael Taylor, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Wyoming.


Mary Boggs, PhD is working as Associate Director for Programs, at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute.

Zachary Britton, PhD is a Scientist in Antibody Discovery and Protein Engineering at MedImmune, LLC.

Kelley Kearns, PhD is an Engineer with Avitide, Inc., in Purification Process Development.


Erin Foster, PhD is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the NIH Rocky Mountain Lab.

Molly O’Hagan, PhD is an Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at Montana State University-Bozeman. Prior to this Molly was a catalysis scientist at Northwest National Laboratory. https://twitter.com/energy/status/846737403763052544

Swati Pradham, PhD is Associate Director, Scientific Affairs at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

Brittany Riggio received her Master of Science in Biochemistry and is a Diabetes Sales Specialist at AstraZeneca.

Anastasia Thevenin, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Moravian College.

Joliene Trujillo Fuenning, who received her Masters of Science in Inorganic Chemistry, is a Sr. Quality Engineer at Novartis-Sandoz.

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