Celebrating 25 years at the University of Delaware

Be a part of a multi-disciplinary research community while pursuing the doctorate in: 
Chemistry & Biochemistry;
Biological Sciences; or 
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) predoctoral training program provides an interdisciplinary education to graduate students that will enable them to apply atomistic and mechanistic approaches of chemistry to important biological and biomedically-related problems. Our National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32 predoctoral training program has been on the University of Delaware campus for 25 years and is one of the 25 CBI programs funded nationwide by NIGMS. The University of Delaware’s CBI Grant is #T32-GM133395.

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  • Sponsored lab rotations
  • Weekly seminar featuring interdisciplinary research
  • Annual symposium with neighboring CBI programs
  • Interact with students and faculty from across campus

October – cooler weather, warmer clothes, and Halloween. CBI members have enjoyed sitting outside, with masks and social distancing, to catch up and distribute pumpkins! It’s going to be a competitive match up between the CBI labs! Enjoy pictures below of the pumpkin joy!

First year chemistry CBI fellows presented last week and did an outstanding job: Eli Learn, Ellie Meck, Stephanie Tsang. CBI also heard from Prof. Molly Sutherland, CBI Trainer in Biology, whose talk was titled “Cytochrome c biogenesis in bacteria”. The post doc panel was a great success, demystifying the process of finding and applying to a postdoctoral position. Thanks to Jodi Kraus, Dr. Nathan  McDonald, Dr. Walter Drake, Dr. Rachel Riley, and Dr. Kristen Demeester.

Enjoy the beauty of the trees, the chill of the air, and the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season

Be Well,



Dr. Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes

Co-Director, University of Delaware CBI Training Program

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