Celebrating 28 years at the University of Delaware

Be a part of a multi-disciplinary research community while pursuing the doctorate in: 
Chemistry & Biochemistry;
Biological Sciences; or 
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering.

The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) predoctoral training program provides an interdisciplinary education to graduate students that will enable them to apply atomistic and mechanistic approaches of chemistry to important biological and biomedically-related problems. Our National Institutes of Health (NIH) T32 predoctoral training program has been on the University of Delaware campus for 25 years and is one of the 25 CBI programs funded nationwide by NIGMS. The University of Delaware’s CBI Grant is #T32-GM133395.

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  • Sponsored lab rotations
  • Weekly seminar featuring interdisciplinary research
  • Annual symposium with neighboring CBI programs
  • Interact with students and faculty from across campus

C for Creativity and Collaborations and Community;
B for Bonds, Betterment, Being together;
I for Integrity, Ingenuity, Investment

These represent the essence of CBI –  while the science is real and challenging, the CBI Community is much more.

CBI held its first ever Retreat on July 21 at the Perkins Student Center. It was a great time to come together after a year of being virtual. We practiced Yoga, talked of science and life, heard of opportunities on campus and off. We had some great food, and finished the day with UDairy Creamery ice cream. Thank you to all our presenters and those CBI Fellows who did the ground work to make it happen. 

CBI held its orientation on Thursday, August 26, and over 20 PhD students presented posters. We start the year on campus and in labs – however, CBI seminar series will be virutal for now. We are hopeful to be in-person soon. Check out our site for upcoming events and Fall 2021 Seminars.

Dr. Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes

Co-Director, University of Delaware CBI Training Program

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