DEADLINE: All Application materials are to be submitted using the Google form (link can be found below) by midnight, Friday, June 14th, 2024.

Please note the G2/G3 submission process has changed. The nominee should provide their advisor with the information needed for submission and the advisor will submit the nomination. Please reach out to Jessica Pappas, Coordinator (cbi-admin@udel.eduwith any questions.

The Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) program admits and funds up to ten graduate students entering either the second or third year of graduate school. The students selected will be granted a one-year CBI fellowship (at NIH level, starting September 1, 2024*) and the stipend may need to be supplemented to their departmental level. The CBI program offers many benefits to the trainees including advanced rotations/internships at UD or with external organizations, additional course work, or experiences that support the program’s interdisciplinary mission. To facilitate the selection process, we are soliciting nominees who fit the following criteria:

  1. Entering the second or third year of graduate school.
  2. Currently doing research in a CBI Trainer’s Laboratory.
  3. Preference will be given to laboratories that have no current CBI Students (i.e. any student who has received funding from the CBI program (current/past)).
  4. As this is an NIH-funded position, the applicant should be a US citizen or permanent resident; please discuss with the director if you have an excellent applicant who does not fit into this category.

The following information must be submitted using the Google form no later than midnight on Friday, June 14th.

  • A CV of the nominee, including a listing of publications authored or coauthored, conference presentations, and other professional accomplishments, activities, and honors.
  • A two-page essay by the student describing his/her academic work, the impact of their study or research, career plans, and desire to be in the CBI program. The essay should include how participation in CBI would broaden the graduate experience (this could include new collaborations, additional rotations at UD, or travel to a collaborator’s laboratory). The description should include a list of aims/goals that the student hopes to accomplish training period.
  • An evaluation letter by the student’s dissertation adviser of the student’s academic progress, willingness to complete research at the interface of chemistry-biology (evidence can be included), and the benefit to the student for inclusion in the CBI program. The applicant’s PI should acknowledge the time commitment to CBI required such as the need to attend RCR-dedicated CBI workshops and Rigor and Reproducibility workshops both during and after the term of support.
  • An Unofficial transcript

The Program Director and the CBI Executive Committee will review the applications and the advanced CBI trainees will be announced no later than July 14th. The one-year fellowship funding will begin on September 1, 2024*. The successful applicant will be expected to attend the CBI orientation and participate in the CBI Wednesday Workshops (i.e CHEM606). If you have questions about the nomination process, please contact Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes (cgrimes@udel.edu) or Jessica Pappas (pappas@udel.edu).

For information on how to submit your application please view our video* and written instructions for submission here.

ADVISORS SUBMITTING THE NOMINATION: Please click here when you have all the required information and are ready to fill out the application.

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