Problem with State Fair Premium Payouts

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As you may or may not be aware, there was a computer error that occurred during the premium payouts for this year’s State Fair. This error occurred across all departments, not just 4-H. We have been working with the Fair to address issues with the 4-H Department’s payouts specifically and have hopefully identified all the errors.  We anticipate payments for awards left off the original payment to be mailed and received by the time this Newsflash is posted.

If you happened to deposit your check back in early August without closely looking at it and aren’t sure if you were paid correctly, the NCC 4-H office has a list of what was paid to each individual (for entries into the 4-H Department ONLY). We do not have a list of everything you entered, just what you were initially paid for.

If you discover there are still any premium issues, in the 4-H Department or in any other Fair department, you should call the State Fair Office directly at 302-398-3269 and report any additional issues to them.  Shelly Mumford is overseeing the Premium Department and would be the person to contact at the Fair.

On behalf of the Delaware State Fair, we apologize for this error and any inconvenience it may cause.